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Kali Krew Presents: Gratitude

We try not to get uber-political on this site. Our views should be perfectly clear from what we support and our actions. It’s been a hard year for everyone in our personal, public and political lives. While we don’t support Thanksgiving directly we do support the spirit of it.

So this year we want to share the things in horror and science fiction that we’re grateful for. For the books that we’ve been able to lose ourselves in time and again. For the people who have supported us, put that first book in our hands, urged us out of our comfort zones. For that movie that sold us a reality we could get lost in over and over. For that game that left us speechless. We are grateful to horror and sci-fi for always being there for us.

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The Martian by Andy Weir, Narration by RC Bray

“RC Bray for introducing me (via the ORIGINAL recording of the Martian) to the fact that audiobooks could be such an awesome experience” – Lilyn

2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson

“Kim Stanley Robinson for introducing me to cli-fi. His work is very much hit or miss with me (2312 huge hit, Forty Days of Rain can smell Birdie farts) but because of him it is a sub-genre I know to seek out.” – Lilyn


“I’d say I’m pretty grateful that my parents never very heavily censored my reading and watching habits. They are huge horror lovers, also so that helped. I was always made to cover my eyes at naughty sex bits but it’s also how I watched Videodrome and The Exorcist before I was twelve. To be fair, I had no idea that the stomach was supposed to be a vagina and I didn’t know exactly what Regan was stabbing with that crucifix.” – Gracie

Ringu (via The Ring)

“I’m thankful for watching The Ring because if not then I wouldn’t have heard of Ringu (or at least it would have been drastically later) and opened up a new world of horror to me. I have very fond memories of hunting up imports at the video store.” – Gracie


The Book of the Unnamed Midwife by Meg Elison

Book cover for the Book of the Unnamed Midwife

“I’m grateful first for Olly (don’t tell him) because he was the one that first put Book of the Unnamed Midwife on my radar, which led me to the wonderful writing of Meg Elison. These books further cemented my love for the post-apocalyptic genre AND made me seek out more queer speculative fiction. I’ve since picked up more of Elison’s work and have found that no matter the genre, she’s a favorite, “instant buy” author.” – Tracy

“I love reviewing because I get to cheerlead my favorite books. I also love being able to follow the careers of favorite authors AND have people to chat with about their work. Before all of this, I had no one to really talk to about what I’d read. Now I do and I’m grateful. I may not be a superstar, but if I can get a great book in the hands of just one reader that it would be perfect for, I’m happy.” – Tracy


Deathless Divide by Justina Ireland

“I’m grateful for having a father who was passionate about reading when I was growing up and who taught me that the value of a book is in the eye of the reader, not popular opinion. He never stopped me reading what I wanted to and introduced me to many books and authors I still love today.” – Olly

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

Book cover for The Long Way to Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers

“I’m grateful for the work of Becky Chambers who reawakened my love of SF as a source of hope for the future and inclusivity, as well as space ships and lasers.” – Olly


My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix

“My Best Friend’s Exorcism. It’s the book that really pulled me back into horror and showed me how much more there was out there than just King and Koontz. Plus it has THE BEST cover.” – Sam

I’m grateful for social media, despite the negative aspects. It’s how I met all* of the lovely Kali Krew, it’s where I’ve discovered so many amazing books and publishers and subgenres that I likely wouldn’t have found otherwise, and it’s allowed me to interact with so many authors and other book lovers. I never would have even imagined getting into reviewing without social media” – Sam
*Minus Shawn who existed outside of social media first


Blood Quantum

“I’m thankful for the Kali Krew for introducing me to so many different horror films I’d never seen before and for all the book recommendations.” – Eliza


Silent Hill 2

“We use this one a lot but I gotta go with silent hill 2! I spent months saving every paycheque to buy a PlayStation 2 just to get it. It showed me what horror in video games can truly do , as well the kinds of stories video games can pull off. Also I totally ripped off the plot for my grade 13 final writing project. And i need to thank it for that A-.” – Shawn

“I am going to second Silent Hill 2 because it was the first game I ever played that had such a powerful story to it and pulled the rug out from under my feet and that was amazing. It also introduced me to the concept of psychological horror. Even though I’m sure I had run across it before Silent Hill 2 really drove it home” – Gracie


Resident Evil 4

“Resident Evil 4 was the first horror game and the first mature-rated game I played and helped start me on the path to go from being a sheltered kid who got anxious after watching horror movies to a dark little weirdo. I think the mix of horror and playing as a capable hero helped that shift for me, and I always have a soft spot for Leon Kennedy and badass horror protagonists in general.” – Cory


The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins

“I’m grateful for The Library at Mount Char. Crazy, unique, bizarre terrific story. I have no idea what the genre is. But I’ll go with horror because some of it is horrible, particularly the sex.” – Bill

But Before We Go…

“I’m grateful for social media, despite the negative aspects. It’s how I met all* of the lovely Kali Krew, it’s where I’ve discovered so many amazing books and publishers and subgenres that I likely wouldn’t have found otherwise, and it’s allowed me to interact with so many authors and other book lovers. I never would have even imagined getting into reviewing without social media.

*Minus Shawn who existed outside of social media first.” – Sam

“And I’m grateful to be part of the Kali Krew. A more intelligent, dedicated, and lovely group of weirdos and oddballs you couldn’t hope to meet.” – Olly

“I too am thankful for The Kali Krew. When I started out you just did it on your own and now there’s like review gangs and shit. You get jumped in and everything, blood in blood out, so intense. Not having to go at it alone is so much better. Plus there’s movie nights!” – Brian

“I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am to be a part of the Kali Krew. It has given me friendship that I wouldn’t trade for the world and friends from literally around the world. It’s helped me expand my views about things and made me see things from a different perspective. I feel grateful for them creating a space where I don’t always have to be cheerful or optimistic. This year has really challenged that. I’m grateful to be a reviewer and to have a place to talk about my favourite genre whether it be books, movies or games. So, thank you to Lilyn, to Sci-Fi & Scary for existing and the Kali Krew. You all have been a lifesaver time and again.” – Gracie

We’re also grateful for you, our readers. Without you we wouldn’t be here and this site would not exist as it does. We wouldn’t be about to launch our coming anthology, Twisted Anatomy, for charity. It honestly leaves us speechless. So thank you. Have a great holiday and stay safe.

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