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Kali Krew Presents: Books and Movies That Bug Us

It’s spring! And while that usually means longer days, some nice rainy days and sunny days to round it off. It also means that all of the little creepy crawlies come slithering out of their eggs to come and camp out in the least expected places. You can be taking a lovely shower, having a nice, relaxing bathing experience. Then you open your eyes to see multiple eyes staring back at you attached to far, far too many legs.

So kick back, relax and get ready for the Kali Krew’s mega-list of creepy crawlies to keep you up all night. And keep the bug spray handy.

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2 Lava 2 Lantula!

Chosen by Shawn

The Beginning of the End

Chosen by Gracie

Big Ass Spider

Chosen by Tracy

Blood Music by Greg Bear

Chosen by Bill

Breeding Ground by Sarah Pinborough

Chosen by Tracy


Chosen by Lilyn

Cabin Fever

Chosen by Tracy

Dead Bait Edited by David Dunwoody

Chosen by Gracie

The Fly

Chosen by Olly

Hemotophages by Stephen Kozeniewski

Chosen by Lilyn

The Hematophages book cover

Check out Lilyn’s review of Hematophages

Infested by Carol Gore

Chosen by Eliza

Check out Eliza’s review of Infested

Invasive by Chuck Wendig

Chosen by Lilyn

Book cover for Invasive by Chuck Wendig

Check out Lilyn’s review of Invasive


Chosen by Sam

Mandibles by Jeff Strand

Chosen by Lilyn

Check out Lilyn’s review of Mandibles

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Chosen by Gracie


Chosen by JB Rockwell

Parasite by Mira Grant

Chosen by Lilyn

The Nest

Chosen by Olly

The Nest by Gregory A. Douglas

Chosen by Tracy


Chosen by Sam

Slugs by Shaun Hutson

Chosen by Olly

Check out Olly’s series Carry on Screaming: Slugs


Chosen by Olly


Chosen by Olly

Visible Filth by Nathan Ballingrund

Chosen by Tracy

What Hides Within by Jason Parent

Chosen by Gracie

Check out Gracie’s review of What Hides Within

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We hope you’ve enjoyed out mega-list of the insects, parasite and creatures that will haunt your dreams tonight. Or be creeping under your bed. Let us know which ones are lurking in your book stacks! Tell us down below!

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