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The Kali Krew’s Favourite Movies of 2020

You’ve seen our Favorite Games of 2020, now it’s time for the Kali Krew’s Favorite Movies. Now we all know that 2020 was an absolute shit year for movies, which is why we chose to look at our overall favorites watched rather than concentrating solely on movies released this year (though you may see one or two new releases.)

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Big Ass Spider

“Yes, it’s a rewatch that actually made a list a few years ago on here I think, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s just stuuuuuupid fun. All the actors bring it.” – Lilyn

Blood Quantum

“My introduction to indigenous horror and just a fun zombie movie even if I was rooting for a certain death at the end.” – Lilyn

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Color Out of Space

“I really loved the use of colour throught the movie. The shots were gorgeous and the ending was awesome.” – Gracie

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” We watched this back in March, when everything was really revving up and it was a fantastic watch. There were some really amazing moments in it and had me on the edge of my seat.” – Gracie

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Ghosts of War

“I really loved Ghosts of War. It was a great haunted house movie with a sci-fi twist to it and the nest of both worlds. It also took a very sharp turn near the end that caught me totally by surprise.” – Gracie

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“A short, brilliant film. Made at the perfect time, if you don’t have Shudder, this movie alone is worth it. No more details than this from me – just watch it.” – Tracy

Scare Me

“I loved this “kind of” meta-horror movie. It combines writing stories and horror movies and other people have described it more eloquently than I.” – Tracy

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“One Time in the Woods” from Scare Package

“The first short in Scare Package – The whole movie is decent, but I could’ve watched a full movie of the first one. Set in a forest, it’s full-on camping/wilderness schlock with gore and ridiculous jokes. More, please.” – Tracy

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Color Out of Space

“Color Out of Space is one of those films where you can’t tell if the director is insane or a genius. It was great to see Richard Stanley directing again and the sound and visual effects in this film are outstanding.” – Olly

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The Fly

“Very late to the party on this one, but potentially my favourite movie of the year. It’s weird and gruesome and heartbreaking. Honestly loved every single thing about it, absolutely one I’ll rewatch!” – Sam


“This is indie horror done so, so right. It starts off a little goofy but quickly slides into this tense, gory awesomeness. Fantastic acting, a great storyline, and genuinely scary at times.” – Sam

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“Another oldie, and this one probably has more to do with the experience than the movie for me. My mom isn’t a big horror fan, but she loves Jaws. I finally watched it for the first time this summer and watched it with her. Definitely a fun experience and nice to get to share that with her.” – Sam

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“This is an Indian horror film set in 1880. I had some qualms about a child bride story, but Bulbbul weaves the narrative so effectively. The film uses color so effectively, and it also weaves in mythology, friendship, desire, grief, loss, and revenge. I’ve watched it a couple of times and cried every time.” – Eliza


“It’s a Korean action/fantasy/horror flick that has an endearing core cast and uses Korean history, political intrigue, and old conflicts to complement the tension caused when an alleged monster is decimating the hunting grounds and causing economic instability in the kingdom. Can an old foe save the kingdom? One of the best things about this movie is Myung, who is braver than most of the men and uses her medical skills to further their investigation.” – Eliza

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Shin Godzilla

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What We Do in the Shadows

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Blood Quantum

“One of my favorite zombie movies of the year.” – Brian

The Host

“I love this dysfunctional family and the way they come together to fight an actual for really real monster.” – Brian

The Platform

“Great use of limited locations to bludgeon a theme home that more people need bludgeoned into them.” – Brian

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The Invisible Man

“Decent retake, not a remake, on an old story, and I’m a sucker for Elisabeth Moss.” – Bill

The Lodge

“Great use of setting, interior and exterior, tightly focused and intimate, pretty creepy.” – Bill

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Feel free to comment below letting us know YOUR favorite movies you’ve watched this year (no matter how old they are!)

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  1. We also enjoyed “Color Out of Space.” My partner described it as “intense,” and, while it naturally diverges from Lovecraft’s story, in a lot of ways it’s faithful to it in spirit.

    Our “we haven’t seen it before, what the hell was this?” horror movie was 2013’s British film, “A Field in England.” Can’t turn your brain off for this one; but your brain’s going to have problems with it. An experimental film with some WTF moments in it; you’ve been warned.

    • Ooh, I’ll have to give it a shot!

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