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July 2019 Wrap-Up

Welcome to our seventh wrap-up of 2019. These will be posted on or around the first day of every month. It will be an easy reference for all of the reviews, guest posts, and articles done on the site, as well as shouting out sites that any of the Coolthulhu Crew have done guest posts/reviews on. If there is any news, it will be listed as well.

Horror Book Reviews:

Horror DNFs:

Science Fiction Book Reviews:

Science Fiction DNFs:

Speculative Fic, Thrillers, Urban Fantasy

Speculative Fiction DNFs:

Graphic Novel Reviews:

Graphic Novel DNFs:

Kids Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy Reviews:

Horror Movie Reviews:

Horror Movie DNFs:

Science Fiction Movie Reviews:

Science Fiction Movie DNFs:


Guest Posts:

Coolthulhu Crew Guest Posts:


  • Sci-Fi & Scary now has a TeeSpring store. Support the site by checking it out, please.
  • We have open call-outs for science-fiction minded writers (interested in doing reviews or articles) to join us.
  • We are working on getting the podcast up and running. As of right now, they will be short (30-45) minute monthly ‘casts. However, there will be a separate ‘cast for story-telling bringing back old science fiction works (primarily by women) that have fallen into the public domain as Lily works up the guts to volunteer for Librivox.

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  1. I’ve missed so many great posts! Sorry about that. Working two jobs and I”m struggling to find time to visit as much as I used to. I’ll find a rhythm!

    • I can’t imagine doing two jobs. Just doing one and dealing with kid and animals can be exhausting!

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