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Horrorscope by Romey Petite #BookReview

Twelve tales of terror are foretold by the stars.
Horrorscope: Stories features twelve zodiac-based short horror stories.


Title: Horrorscope: Stories | Author: Romey Petite | Cover Artist: Christian Nieto | Publisher: Impossible Bottle Books | Pub. Date: 2019-March-20 | Pages: 62 | ISBN13: 9780999296738 | Language: English | Content Warnings: None | Starred Review: No | Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review consideration

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Horrorscope: Stories Review

This was kind of a fun read because beyond knowing that my sign is some sort of goat thing and that Pisces are fish, I’m not into the zodiac at all. So just going by constellations (which I can’t recognize) I felt like I was going into each story pretty much blind. Also, not being astrology-interested, I have no clue if there’s some hidden message in each of these relating to the personality characteristics ascribed to each.

Now, these truly are short stories. The first one (Sagittarius) is only one full page front and back. The book itself is equally tiny, being just bigger than my hand and less than half the thickness of my pinkie.

The best ones were Capricorn, Aries, Gemini, and Scorpio. I’ve left brief notes on them below.

Capricorn – A last-minute completion of an assignment turns weirdly twisted when a professor does something impossible. 4/5

Aries – Ever rest. Love lost. This one was just sad. 4/5

Gemini – Twin-life. This was the first legitimately creepy one so far. Enjoyed almost every aspect of it. 4/5

Scorpio – Trusting people only brings you trouble. This was a good story to end on. Not great, but interesting. 4/5

Overall, this was a weak collection. The longer works were almost always better than the shorter ones, though. Some of them felt more like bad jokes than horror stories, which I guess is its own kind of horror story? Can’t recommend.

You can find this book at many retailers via clicking on the appropriate link on Goodreads; however, in the spirit of supporting literacy programs, we would like to point out that you may be able to purchase this book through BetterWorldBooks.

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