Movie Trailers

Here’s some awesome movie trailers for some upcoming (probably horror) movies. Can’t say we’re super eager to see ALL of them, but the trailers are interesting, if nothing else! Listed in release date order.

The Cleansing Hour – Sometime in 2016


Before I Wake – April 8th 2016 Release Date

A little boy’s dreams actually come true. Needless to say, he doesn’t like to sleep. Maybe an interesting re-take on the whole Elm Street Krueger thing? We shall see.

The Offering – May 6, 2016 Release Date

Maybe yes, maybe no? Its a Singaporean film being released to cinema and VOD in the US on the release date. So, we’ll see.

The Darkness – MAY 13 2016 Release Date

Not a huge fan of Kevin Bacon, but the movie looks like it could be interesting.

The Curse of Sleeping Beauty – May 13, 2016 Release Date

Hey, lookit! This list finally has a non-horror movie on it. Technically, this is a ‘fantasy’ film, but it looks deliciously dark, wouldn’t you agree?

The Conjuring 2 – June 10 2016 Release Date


Independence Day: Resurgence – June 24th 2016 Release Date

Let’s be honest here, even though I might crinkle my nose, yes, I’m totally going to see it. It’s most likely going to be horrible, but…



Lights Out – July 22 2016 Release Date

As someone who is, I’m somewhat ashamed to admit, still somewhat afraid of the dark (mainly after reading a scary book), I don’t know whether to be really excited about this movie or terrified. I’ll probably be terrified.

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