Horror Movie Parties on Twitter

I don’t consider myself a social person. The idea of being around people I don’t know, no matter how fun they might be, makes me twitch. Often, people’s first reactions after meeting my daughter and myself is to look from her to me with this expression on their face that plainly says “How did you make  her?”  People that have known me for a while will tell you that I actually am sociable enough, but only with people I both like and know. And that list of people is extremely small. But… then there comes social media. On social media, I have no problems being sociable. I think because it removes the ‘closeness’ part of the equation. On social media, you can be surrounded by thousands of people, but because you’re sitting alone in your house, you don’t feel it. The feel that every expression you make, the clothes you wear, etc, is all gone. It’s so much more comfortable.

One of the best things about social media is that it enables us to engage in our love (or hatred) of certain things with people that we’d normally never meet. People can come together to support causes that are near and dear to them, to rage about corrupt wanna-be politicians with poisonous caterpillars for hair, or to do something fun. Something like live tweet horror movie parties.

Horror Movie Parties on Twitter

Are you one of those horror hounds that love to watch horror films and snark about them? To sit back, thoroughly enjoy a film, and yet shout rude comments at the screen? Then you may want to join a particular group of heathens on Twitter for live tweet horror movie parties.

Every day, Sean, a horror artist and Twitter fiend that goes by @OddNMacabre , picks a movie to feature for anyone who wants to join in. All you need is Netflix , Twitter, and a sense of humor. (That’s right, no having to seek out these movies somewhere special, he picks from the Netflix pool.) 

Just follow Sean and keep an eye out for the movie announcements. (He’s great about letting you know at least the day before, and he always pins the movie announcement tweet.) When you see one you like, just turn on the movie at 10 P.M. EST and join in.

So grab your beverages (fizzy, adult, we don’t judge), your popcorn, and join in the jokes, snark, fangirling, gif’ing, and supreme geekiness.

Sean has nicely agreed to provide Sci-Fi & Scary with a list of the movies for this week, starting with tonight’s show.

(Just click on the covers to be taken to the IMDB page for each movie.)

the hollow for horror movie parties late-phases for horror movie parties cowboys-versus-dinosaurs for horror movie parties invoked for horror movie parties

new-nightmare for horror movie parties  the-ward for horror movie parties legend-of-hell-house - for horror movie parties dont-blink for Horror movie parties

Monday – #MonsterMashMonday – The Hollow (2015 TV movie)

Tuesday – #TuesdayTerrors – Late Phases

Wednesday – #WeirdWednesday – Cowboys Versus Dinosaurs

Thursday – #ThursdayFrights  – Invoked

Friday – #FridayNightDead – Wes Craven’s The New Nightmare

Saturday – #SaturdayScreams  – The Ward, Legend of Hell House

Sunday – #SundayNightScares – Don’t Blink

Oh, and before or after the movie, you may want to check out some of Sean’s art by browsing through his Twitter feed . He’s got a deft hand and a twisted imagination. His pieces will either make you laugh or haunt your dreams. Sometimes both. He’s agreed to let me feature one so everyone can get a taste of his unique style. (I love this one!)

seansart-1 - horror movie parties on twitter

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4 Responses to Horror Movie Parties on Twitter

  1. I am a lot like you, not very sociable at gatherings but online I am pretty sociable. Mom use to call me antisocial and my dad says I am turning into a hermit. 🙂 I call it being shy though…and just not needing to hang with a bunch of people I don’t know.

    This sounds like fun! 🙂

  2. Laurie says:

    I wish it didn’t start @ 10PM EST because I have to get up way too early in the morning. I tried my best to stay up last night but it wasn’t happening.

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