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Horror BiWeekly Bulletin: You Should Have Left, Wonderland, etc.

The Horror BiWeekly Bulletin serves to give you the highlights on horror for the current and previous week. Notes about new releases in books, movies, and games when possible. We also have a fresh guest post prompt every week.

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Horror Movies

You Should Have Left

A former banker, his actress wife, and their spirited daughter book a vacation at an isolated modern home in the Welsh countryside where nothing is quite as it seems.

Starring: Kevin BaconAmanda SeyfriedAvery Tiiu Essex 

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Horror Books

Wonderland by Zoje Stage

If Shirley Jackson wrote The Shining, it might look like this deliciously unsettling* horror novel from the acclaimed author of Baby Teeth: A mother must protect her family from the unnatural forces threatening their new and improved life in a rural farmhouse.

The Bennett family — artist parents and two precocious children — are leaving their familiar urban surroundings for a new home in far upstate New York. They’re an hour from the nearest city, a mile from the nearest house, and everyone has their own room for the very first time. Shaw, the father, even gets his own painting studio, now that he and his wife Orla, a retired dancer, have agreed that it’s his turn to pursue his passion.

But none of the Bennetts expect what lies waiting in the lovely woods, where secrets run dark and deep. Orla must finally find a way to communicate with — not just resist — this unknown entity that is coming to her family, calling to them from the land, in the earth, beneath the trees … and in their minds.

Also Recently Released

Obliteration (Awakened #3) by James S. Murray and Darren Wearmouth

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The Haunting of Gillespie House by Darcy Coates

The Companion by Katie Alender

The Unleashed (The Haunted #2) by Danielle Vega

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Horror News on the Web

Ju-On: Origins is releasing on July 1st on Netflix

The AVClub discusses why the LGBT+ community loves monsters and magic

The director of Tucker and Dale announces new horror comedy The Hills Have Eyes for You

Looking for a bit of cute and amazing? Check out these crotcheted Skeletor and Xenomorph costumes

Washington Post’s tribute to Joel Shumacher (The Lost Boys, Batman Forever)

Unsolved Mysteries is getting a reboot. They’ve got a pretty big trenchcoat to fill without Robert Stack.

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Twisted Anatomy: A Sci-Fi and Scary Body Horror Anthology

Writers! Don’t forget to enter your submissions to Sci-Fi & Scary for the body horror charity anthology – Twisted Anatomy. You can find details on our site to learn more about submission guidelines and requirements.

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Horror Guest Posts Call

Who is your favourite classic horror author? What’s your favourite book by them? Why? Let us know in 500+ words!

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Horror Cover of the Week

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