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Horror Biweekly Bulletin: Dementer, A Broken Darkness, etc.

The Horror BiWeekly Bulletin serves to give you the highlights on horror for the current and previous week. Notes about new releases in books, movies, and games when possible. We also have a fresh guest post prompt every week.

And, of course, a giveaway of a completely amazeballs book.

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Horror Movies


After fleeing a backwoods cult, a woman tries to turn her life around by taking a job in a home for special needs adults, only to discover that she must face her dark past to save a girl with Down’s Syndrome

Starring: Brandy EdmistonLarry FessendenKatie Groshong

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Horror Books

A Broken Darkness (Beneath the Rising #2) by Premee Mohamed

The highly anticipated sequel to Beneath the Rising, which was named one best science fiction and fantasy books of the year by The Washington Post.

It’s been a year and a half since the Anomaly, when They tried to force their way into the world from the shapeless void. Nick Prasad is piecing his life together, and has joined the secretive Ssarati Society to help monitor threats to humanity – including his former friend Johnny.

Right on cue, the unveiling of Johnny’s latest experiment sees more portals opened to Them, leaving her protesting her innocence even as the two of them are thrown together to fight the darkness once more…

(Check out Eliza’s review of Beneath the Rising!)

Also Recently Released

Bridge of Souls (Cassidy Blake #3) by Victoria Schwab

Later by Stephen King

(Check out Shawn’s review of Later!)

Goodreads Giveaways

Chalktrauma by David DeGeorge

The Office of Heavenly Restitution by Russell Hasan

Who’s There? by Dimas Rio

The Dark Hour by K.j. Young

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Horror Guest Post Call

Going off of last week’s sci-fi suggestion what is a horror cliche that you really love? Show us the best and worst examples!

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Horror on the Web

Check out this list of 15 mystery novels by black women

Shudder will be celebrating Halfway to Halloween all through April

Aliens, Predator and Pumpkinhead – 14 of the best creatures created by Stan Winston (which is silly, we all know Pumpkinhead is the best)

If you want a good rundown on movies being released check out The Horror Society

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Horror Cover of the Week

666 by Jay Anson

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