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Horror BiWeekly Bulletin: Behind You, Stoker Awards, etc.

The Horror BiWeekly Bulletin serves to give you the highlights on horror for the current and previous week. Notes about new releases in books, movies, and games when possible. We also have a fresh guest post prompt every week.

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Special Announcement

The Stoker Awards are being streamed tonight at 6pm PST/9pm EST. You can check it out through the Stoker Award website or keep an eye on the Youtube channel – HorrorWriters

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A Horror Funny

Cthulhu saves for it might get hungry later
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Horror Movies

Behind You

Behind You movie poster

Two young sisters find that all the mirrors in their estranged aunt’s house are covered or hidden. When one of them happens upon a mirror in the basement, she unknowingly releases a malicious demon.

Starring: Addy MillerElizabeth BirknerJan Broberg 

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Horror Books

Girls Save the World in This One by Ash Parsons

June’s whole life has been leading up to this: ZombieCon, the fan convention celebrating all things zombies. She and her two best friends plan on hitting all the panels, photo ops, and meeting the heartthrob lead of their favorite zombie apocalypse show Human Wasteland.

And when they arrive everything seems perfect, though June has to shrug off some weirdness from other fans—people shambling a little too much, and someone actually biting a cast member. Then all hell breaks loose and June and her friends discover the truth: real zombies are taking over the con. Now June must do whatever it takes to survive a horde of actual brain-eating zombies—and save the world.

Also Recently Released

Thin Places by Kay Chronister

Goodreads Giveaway

Home Before Dark by Riley Sager

The Hecatomb by J. Edward Neill

The Lantern Man by Jon Bassoff

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Horror News on the Web

CoronaCon is tomorrow! April 18th, starting at 9:45am and ending at 5:00pm EST. There will be readings, panels and discussions streamed via Youtube

OffLimitsPress has just been opened by Samantha Kolesnik!

Not All Monsters special edition was released on April 15th. It’s still a couple of months from their standard release but the special edition is available via Rooster Republic Press

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Horror Guest Posts Call

We have a story prompt this week! You’re locked in your house, there’s no escape (maybe the doors and windows are gone, maybe they’re inexplicably locked) and the house starts shrinking. How do you find out? Is it really happening? Is it in your mind? Are you alone?

Send us your flash or short story about it!

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Horror Cover of the Week

Picnic at Hanging Rock
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