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Horror Biweekly Bulletin: The Possession of Hannah Grace & The Dinosaur Tourist

The Biweekly Horror Bulletin serves to give you the highlights on horror for the current and previous week. The new releases in books, movies, and games when possible. We welcome your participation.

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Horror Movies

The Possession of Hannah Grace

When a cop who is just out of rehab takes the graveyard shift in a city hospital morgue, she faces a series of bizarre, violent events caused by an evil entity in one of the corpses.

The sequel to Happy Death DayHappy Death Day 2 U also has a trailer out

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Horror Books

The Dinosaur Tourist by Caitlin R. Kiernan

The Dinosaur Tourist – Caitlin R. Kiernan – November 30th, 2018

Almost nothing is only what it seems to be at first glance. Appearances can be deceiving and first impressions often lead us disastrously astray. If we’re not careful, assumption and expectation can betray us all the way to madness and death and damnation. In The Dinosaur Tourist, Caitlín R. Kiernan’s fifteenth collection of short fiction, nineteen tales of the unexpected and the uncanny explore that treacherous gulf between what we suppose the world to be and what might actually be waiting out beyond the edges of our day-to-day experience. A mirror may be a window into another time. A cat may be our salvation. Your lover may be a fabulous being. And a hitchhiker may turn out to be anyone at all.

Also recently released:

Fountain Dead – Theresa Braun

The Blood in Guthrie – Kira McKinney (our review!)

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Horror on the Web

Miss shows like Amazing Stories, The Munsters and Buffy? Check out this list of what is in the works to get rebooted.

The Lineup has a list of the scariest paranormal documentaries streaming now (at the time of this post)

Do you like horror documentaries? ‘In Search of Darkness’ sounds worth keeping an eye on

The Candyman sequel has been announced with Nia DaCosta announced as director!

For an in-depth article about sexism in YA check out Nicole Brinkley’s blog

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Horror Guest Posts Call

Tell us a Christmas horror story. 1000-2000 words.

May link to your book at the bottom of the post, as usual.

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