Horror – Beauty of the Beast

A banner with the words The Top Ten Tuesday List on it.This isn’t exactly an official Top Ten Tuesday list. Lilyn had that covered with her sexy lemur and lizard people so there was very little for me to add. However, since I can’t help but throw in my two cents (or a severed limb or two) I thought I’d make a sort of companion piece to hers.  The horror genre needs a little eye candy itself from time to time, since said eyes are usually squished or melted or something equally gooey. So enjoy a bit of human (or otherwise) flesh that isn’t twisted or bent out of shape but instead dark and beautiful. Since the broody figures that grace the covers of horror tend to be all by their lonesome (I guess it’s hard to cuddle when your other half has been eaten by a werewolf)  I’ve separated them into three women, three men and three with…different tastes. Plus a bonus one just for me. Enjoy!

(Covers lead to Goodreads)

Gory’s the New Sexy –  The Lethal Ladies


Come to the Cemetery – I like the red against the crypt in the back. It might be a bit simple and the cloak a bit Red Riding Hood but it stands out nonetheless.

Children of Roen – I honestly couldn’t help myself. The wings and clothing are so fluid looking that they enhance the beauty of the sole figure on the cover. It looks a bit lonely and bleak.

The Dead House – The cover links to a different cover. The cover shown was for a preview version but the official cover is so plain I honestly don’t understand why they got rid of this beauty for the current cover.


Try to Understand, He’s a Magic Man

(Please someone get that reference so I don’t feel too old. Pretty please?)


Carnacki: Heaven and Hell – I’ll freely admit I have a bit of a crush on the character of Carnacki. While this isn’t exactly how I pictured him but it’s fairly close (if you’re curious I pictured him a bit more rugged and clean-shaven…where was I again? Oh yeah, ahem, back to the list).

Arson  Mr. Arson certainly has a ‘smoldering’ look to him but if he can’t control the fire at his fingertips, things might get a little…warm in certain areas.

Critique – I honestly put this in just so I could make this joke: Christian Gray called, he wants his mask back. Lame, I know but I’m so glad to have gotten it off my chest to inflict on all of you. You’re welcome. Could’ve been worse. I could have made a Yu-Gi-Oh! joke and totally revealed my complete nerdiness.

Creepy Characters Need Love Too


Aberrations – Even though almost all of these characters are alone, this guy can take care of himself. And that’s all I’m going to stay about that.

Beckon the Dark – Even though they have each other I’m sure her hair can take on whatever evil may befall them.

Beneath – Even though it’s a little hard to see what the guy actually looks like under the hood, the tongue brings up so many possibilities. I’ll let you guys figure them out.


Last but not least…

Oh c’mon, you knew I’d work him in somewhere. The Elder Gods need some lovin’ too. Although I’d rather not imagine the mechanics of that.


I’d love to see some horror covers that get your hearts racing (or at least elicit an appreciative whistle). Feel free to link to your posts or just drop a Goodreads link in the comments section if you want! 

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  1. Interesting choices! 🙂

  2. Some good, some really good, and some are what the? That one with all the arms. Creeeepy! LOL HEART! I love that song.

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