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Halloween Countdown 2020 – Terror is Our Business by Joe R. and Kasey Lansdale


Chosen by Eliza

Terror is Our Business: Dana Roberts’ Casebook of Horrors by Joe R. Lansdale and Kasey Lansdale

Award-winning author and “Champion Mojo Storyteller” Joe R. Lansdale (Hap & Leonard, Bubba Ho Tep) and his daughter, author/country singer Kasey Lansdale, have joined forces to bring you a short story collection showcasing the new dynamic duo of supernatural sleuthing, Dana Roberts and her sidekick Jana!

Terror is Our Business gathers together all of Dana’s and Jana’s previous cases in a single volume, and features an all-new adventure, “The Case of the Ragman’s Anguish,” written exclusively for this collection.

Join Dana and Jana as they investigate—and battle—angry jinns, malevolent shadows, ancient travelers, and soul-sucking shapeshifters. With two tough, resourceful women on the case, the specters from “the other side” won’t know what hit them!

Who doesn’t love a series of connected short stories following the same central character? Dana Roberts isn’t your typical paranormal investigator, and when her counterpart is introduced later it adds a whole new layer of depth and fun to the stories. A great collection for people who love paranormal stories.


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Kasey Lansdale is the daughter of Joe Lansdale and the author with stories in – A Feast of Frights from the Horror Zine, Pop the Clutch: Thrilling Tales of Rockabilly, Monsters, and Hot Rod Horror, The Seven Deadliest, Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets: An Anthology of Holmesian Tales Across Time and Space, and It’s Alive: Bringing Your Nightmares to Life (Dream Weaver #2)

Champion Mojo Storyteller Joe R. Lansdale is the author of over forty novels and numerous short stories. His work has appeared in national anthologies, magazines, and collections, as well as numerous foreign publications. (From Goodreads)

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