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Halloween Cover Countdown 2020: Clock Tower


Clock Tower

Chosen by Shawn

Developer: Human Entertainment

Publisher: ASCII Entertainment

Clock Tower is available on Playstation

Clock Tower, known as Clock Tower 2 in Japan, is a PlayStation point-and-click survival horror game and a sequel to Clock Tower: The First Fear.
One year after the events of Clock Tower: The First Fear, in late 1996, Jennifer Simpson has been adopted by Helen Maxwell, the assistant of a renowned psychiatrist, Samuel Barton, and is currently undergoing treatment at a university research building in Oslo, Norway, to help her cope with her traumatic experiences in the Clock Tower case and possibly shed some light on the mystery that was the Scissorman.

“Clock Tower’s cover makes its premise very clear very quickly. There is a creepy man with a giant pair of scissors and he wants to murder you with his giant pair of scissors. While I’m not sure how well the gameplay would hold up these days, it creeped the hell out of my friends and I back when it first came out. Scissor man can appear anywhere which meant the never ever ceased. I just got nostalgic for it and looked up copies and good lord this game is worth a lot of money now. Hopefully, you all hung onto your copies of Clock Tower!”


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Other Games in the Clock Tower Series

Clock Tower (released only in Japan)
Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within
Clock Tower 3

Spiritual Successors to Clock Tower include Haunting Ground and Night Cry

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