Happy Anniversary to Sci-Fi & Scary!


Sci-Fi & Scary has finally turned one!

You guys, I worked my butt off on this!! I’m so happy it’s finally turned a year old!

My first goal, set pretty soon after starting the site that I’d post new content every day until the site turned a year old.  I also read like a fiend to be able to build up a solid content base. I wanted a visitor to be able to come to the site and browse for ages.

My second goal was that I wanted to become a place where independently published authors of science fiction and horror could receive recognition.

My third goal was to hit a subscriber goal of 500 site subscribers.

So, how did I do?

Well,  I hit my first goal. I’ve published fresh content every day, often twice a day, since I set the goal.

The second goal is always a work in progress, but I think it’s safe to say that Sci-Fi & Scary is indeed becoming the platform I wanted it to be. I’ve instituted things like Book Spotlights which are generally only available for indie authors of science fiction and horror. (I say generally because, on occasion, I will spotlight a book I’m super excited about that may fall out of those ranges.) My interview and guest post spots always have priority given to indie authors.  In fact, if you stay tuned, at noon (EST), you’ll see the official launch of the latest step I’ve taken in providing support to independent authors.

I failed my third goal. Hey, I hit 2 out of 3! And it’s not like I missed it by half! If you take Bloglovin, WordPress, and Niume into consideration, I hit 439. So, I’ll get there. Plus, from the stats I’ve seen of other bloggers, that’s not bad at all for the first year!

Alright, I know you guys and gals have been waiting for this:

So many of you have commented on the fact that I read at an insanely fast rate. Well, yes, it’s true, I do.

I’ve posted 319 adult book reviews.

I’ve posted 117 kids book reviews.

I’ve posted 49 movie reviews.

Grand Total of Reviews Posted


So what can you expect from here on out?

  • Well, 2 book reviews a week at minimum, 3 at maximum for adult books to start.
  • 1 book review every Saturday for Kids Corner
  • 1 movie review every Monday – no change
  • A look at select Sci-Fi & Horror books coming out the following month on the 2nd or 3rd Sunday of the current month.
  • Guest Posts on the other Sundays – no change.
  • Horror Movie News and Science Fiction Movie News on alternating Fridays. (This will be just a ‘What’s up in the -genre- world’ type thing, with links to all sorts of cool stuff, and occasional *ahem* snarky comments from me.)
  • Book Spotlights and Author Interviews on Tuesdays and Fridays as available – no change
  • More articles on science fiction and  horror related items.
  • I’m going to continue to try to engage people in discussion posts once a month, minimum.
  • Weekly meme participation – no change.
  • Mystery Thing You’ll Have to Wait Until Noon for!


Wondering if I have any tips or tricks to pass on?

I’ve got several! But..you’re going to have to wait for the 6:30 p.m. post!


Oh yeah, you probably want the free gift card, don’t you?

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27 Responses to Happy Anniversary to Sci-Fi & Scary!

  1. Sarina says:

    How exciting!! Congratulations on turning one ^-^ Those are fantastic stats for the first year!

  2. Happy Anniversary and I can honestly say your blog has become one of my favorites to visit. I love that you have a mixture of things on it and always look forward to checking out new posts.

  3. Congratulations. And let’s hope that a lot of those reading experiences in the next year are as much fun as some of the ones you’ve described here in past.

  4. Congratulations, you did awesome for one year! I have really enjoyed your horror recommendations! 🙂

  5. Congratulations! That’s amazing 🙂 I thought your book total would be well over 300, but 485 reviews in a year is mind-blowing! (never mind all the other posts).

  6. olganm says:

    Happy anniversary! Up, up and away!

  7. Rosie Amber says:

    Well done you have achieved so much

  8. Happy birthday, and many more!

  9. Happy Anniversary Lilyn!

  10. imyril says:

    Happy blogiversary! It’s been an amazing first year – I look forward to following through the second 🙂

  11. Donna says:

    Happy birthday!! I’m late to the party, but I’ll have a cookie to celebrate tonight 😀
    As expected, your numbers are impressive. Congrats on creating a comprehensive and diverse platform, I love what you’ve done with your site and all the different posts and support you offer for indie authors. It’s a tremendous amount of work, I hope you congratulated yourself!

  12. Congratulations! And keep doing what you’re doing ‘coz it’s great 😀

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