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Gobble Gobble – Florin Nicoara #BookReview

Title: Gobble Gobble: A Tale of Thanksgiving Terror | Author: Florin Nicoara | Publisher: N/A | Pub. Date: Unknown | Pages: 105 | Genre: Animal Horror | Triggers: None | Rating: 1 out of 5 | Source: Self-Purchased

Gobble Gobble: A Tale of Thanksgiving Terror!!!

Gobble Gobble is a hilarious horror-comedy that will turn your thanksgiving delight into one hell of a day of fright. It is a terrible tale unlike any other you have ever been told before. Tread only if you dare because it will twist your mind and lay your soul bare; gobble-gobble!!!

A group of high school seniors embark on a field tip the day before Thanksgiving to visit a humane environmentally-green turkey farm for extra credit, but instead discover a sinister secret government lab where genetic engineering has run a mock and turned the human turkey relationship into a banquet of hilariously frightening insanity. If you thought Halloween was scary, wait until Thanksgiving!!!

Gobble Gobble: A Tale of Thanksgiving Terror Review

Since I recently mentioned Gobble Gobble on our Ten Holiday-Themed Horror Books but hadn’t read it yet I figured what more apropos day to review it on? I figured the worst that could happen was a goofy Animal Genetics Gone Wild sort of book in the vein of Black Sheep. I was so, so wrong.

That story might have been in there…somewhere. But between the weird writing, terrible grammar and bizarre formatting it got lost. Possibly eaten by turkeys. The writing bounces through the tenses like a bouncy ball and sometimes even strays into what reads like a screenplay. Character descriptions are a bit strange in places. Such as a girlfriend and boyfriends being described thus “Josh, Jaime’s boyfriend, who looks like her twin brother, from another mother“. Okey dokey. Since neither are described at all you’ll just have to use your imaginations. Every stereotype imaginable is on full display from the pot-bellied, no-nonsense Sheriff to his trusty, clean-cut Deputy Andy.

It was a hilarious story but probably not in the way they were intending. The grammar, spelling and weird capitalization of random words makes it amusing, at least. The words Apple, Man and others are capitalized for no real reason. The awkward formatting I’m willing to give a pass on as it can be hard to do yourself and costs money to have someone else do but there were very long          spaces between words. The spelling errors go far beyond the (unfortunately) usual they’re/their/there variety. I was very amused when the Professor pulled some files out of his “murse”.

In a way it was enthralling because it was hard to look away. I couldn’t help but read on to see what new and exciting combinations of words they would come up with. Unless you find it for free I would give it a wide berth.

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  1. Good grief! And here I keep telling my students to at least use Grammarly or the spellchecker… I love Random capitalization Too! Perhaps the turkeys ate the grammar books… A great review!

    • Thank you! At the bare minimum have someone look it over just in case, lol.

  2. I’m thinking your fun review is much better than the book. Thanks for the heads up.

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