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Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions #GameReview

Welcome to Glass Masquerade sequel – an artistic puzzle game inspired by stained glass artisans and Wonderland depictions of the 20th century. You need to combine hidden glass pieces to open misty portals of illusions across a tangled mind.

Title: Glass Masquerade 2 – Illusions | Developer: Onyx Lute | Publisher: Onyx Lute/Digerati Distribution | Release Date: February 28th, 2019 | Genre: Jigsaw Puzzle | Platform: Steam | Source: Self-Purchased | Starred Review

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Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions Review

Glass Masquerade is a jigsaw puzzle game that is a very fun, very relaxing game. The stained glass is super pretty and the music is very relaxing. I chose Illusions to do a review on, though, because it’s designs are more in the spooky genre than the first game. The first game’s puzzles are more themed with designs from different countries. It does, however, have an expansion pack that is Halloween-themed.

Illusions is very much more themed around fairy tales and classic horror novels. I was pleasantly surprised to see a certain tentacled favourite show up, along with a puzzle of the King in Yellow.

King in Yellow

I like the way the puzzles are shaped differently. The edges can be strange but, to me, that makes the individual pieces more beautiful to look at on their own. I did like the simpler style of the first game slightly better in that the pictures weren’t quite as busy so the ultimate design stood out more.

My only issue with it is that the puzzles aren’t very hard, even the difficult ones. The edge pieces are marked for you so you know where to hook them and then you can just go from there. But, honestly, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s supposed to be a relaxing experience with pretty pictures at the end. And it definitely succeeds in that.

This summer I would take the laptop out in the yard and do some puzzles while just hanging out or do them while watching movies. It’s an excellent distraction that doesn’t require much brainpower. It’s also reasonably cheap. Including the expansions (Temptations and Revelations) it’s under ten dollars. Highly recommended.

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