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Get Village Ready with a Resident Evil 7 Recap!

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It’s been four years since Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was released, peaking as the highest-selling game in the Resident Evil franchise. With Village right around the corner and another adventure in store for dear Ethan, let’s look back and refresh our memory about what exactly happened in Dulvey, Louisiana.

Warning: Most of the spoilers of the main game. DLC not included.

It all started with Ethan Winters receiving a vague message from his wife, Mia, who was presumed dead after going missing three years prior, requesting that he come and get her. Ethan then travels to Louisiana, despite knowing it may well be some kind of hoax.

(I mean, Ethan was either very devoted or just plain stupid. Or both, let’s go with both.)

Arriving at a seemingly abandoned farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, Ethan makes his way inside and discovers all kinds of creepy red flags, eventually reaching a basement with a cell, Mia inside and suffering from memory loss as to how she became imprisoned. Mia attempts to lead the way out, however becomes disoriented and then extremely violent, attacking Ethan with a knife while spouting nonsense about an outbreak.

(You asked for it, Ethan.)

But that’s not the worst part.

Enter the chainsaw.

After getting bitten by the chainsaw, Ethan’s forced to kill Mia in self defence, but before he can escape the nightmare, he’s knocked unconscious and dragged away to another location.

Some time later, Ethan awakes at a diner table, bound and at the mercy of the Baker family – Jack, his wife Marguerite, their son Lucas, and an elderly woman in a wheelchair, who… doesn’t do all that much. Able to free himself when they become distracted, Ethan traverses the large manor while avoiding Jack. Not totally without friends, Ethan follows the instructions of Zoe, the daughter of Jack and Marguerite, by communicating via various landlines around the property.

(Jack, what a guy. Let’s all remember his greatest strength: his persistence.)

On his epic journey, Ethan battles his way through the basement where he first encounters the Molded—humanoids seemingly infected with some form of sickness—and finally makes his way into the courtyard. He learns that Mia is still alive, as well as the existence of a cure to the weird disease. Eager to gather what’s required and meet up with Zoe, he overcomes both Marguerite and Lucas in his efforts, even downing Jack himself a few times.

Following some unexpected mayhem, there’s only one dose of the cure. Then comes the ultimate decision.

Save Zoe or Mia.

(Yeah, let’s choose the stranger over Ethan’s own wife. Pffff, who would even?!)

Canonically in Resident Evil 7, after leaving a rather bitter Zoe behind, Ethan and Mia take a boat into the bayou, where they discover a wrecked tanker ship. Before true safety can be reached, they’re attacked by a creature that whisks Ethan away. Having played the role of Ethan up until this point, the perspective switches to a lonesome Mia for the next portion of the game.

Mia enters the ship while having visions of a strange child that claims to know her, and it’s not long before Mia’s memories are fully restored. It turns out she’s a covert operative for a corporation that engineered Eveline as a bioweapon, and as Eveline’s handler, it was her task to transport her to Central America, but chaos ensued when the kid escaped containment. The Bakers subsequently found and cared for Evie, until she infected them with a psychotropic mold, the symptoms of which include superhuman strength, regenerative abilities, mutation and complete insanity.

It’s Mia’s turn to rescue Ethan, and she’s able to hand him a vial of Eveline’s DNA before sealing him out of the ship and locking herself inside, her self-control dwindling due to reinfection. Returning to the role of Ethan, he battles his way underground into an abandoned salt mine, where he discovers a hidden laboratory belonging to The Connections, the crime syndicate responsible for the creation of Eveline. Even after the tanker incident, they continued to observe her, enlisting Lucas as an agent. Using the equipment and DNA at his disposal, Ethan synthesizes a toxin to kill Evie.

Coming full circle, Ethan makes it to the guest house, where he originally started this whole debacle. It turns out—with much shock and horror—that the old woman in the wheelchair was Eveline all along, her body rapidly aged since her escape. Ethan is able to inject her, yet that only results in her mutating into a giant monster.

Along with the help of a military squad led by none other than Chris Redfield, Ethan kills that pesky Eveline once and for all. The last cutscene shows both Ethan and Mia being taken away by helicopter branded by the logo of the Umbrella Corporation.

(Wait, I’m actually relieved for a happy ending?)

You’re now caught up on most of what happened in the main game of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. 

Recap of the Resident Evil 7 DLC coming soon!

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