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Get Village Ready Again – DLC Edition #ResidentEvilRecap

Today Cat from Red Lace Reviews brings you the recap of the Resident Evil 7 DLC so you’re completely Village ready!

Picking up from part one, which focused on the main game, we’ll be resuming our catchup of Resident Evil 7’s story before the release of Village. With a variety of DLC content, everything from deadly games, to surviving the night scenarios, Biohazard also included story content that followed after Ethan and Mia’s rescue.

Warning: Spoilers, spoilers!

Not A Hero

It’s a mission for Chris Redfield, now working with Blue Umbrella—the name given to the reformed Umbrella Corporation—to apprehend Lucas Baker.

(The most annoying Baker just had to survive. Sigh.)

Heading into the Abercrombie Salt Mine, Chris’s pursuit isn’t so straightforward. Being the infuriating genius that he is, Lucas has rigged the place, resulting in Chris soon getting a bomb attached to his wrist. Undeterred with impending death, Chris continues the chase, all while attempting and failing to rescue fellow soldiers from traps, as well as avoiding being mauled by Molded.

Well and truly pissing Lucas off, a timer’s activated on Chris’s bomb, so it’s a race to disable it. The answer involves liquid nitrogen, and after returning to a bomb-free state, Chris resumes the mission, eventually reaching a research lab, all of its researchers already killed by Lucas, who was planning to betray the organisation for his own gain.

(Surprise surprise.)

Now able to rid the world of Lucas Baker, Chris corners and shoots him, but it only triggers his mutation. A battle ensues, but Chris succeeds in defeating Lucas once and for all, subsequently stopping him from sending data on Eveline to a mysterious unknown party. Chris returns to camp thereafter to receive an urgent call.

End of Zoe

This follows the true ending of the main game where Ethan cured Mia instead of Zoe. Umbrella soldiers discover the body of Zoe in the swamp, but are soon ambushed by a legend of a man: Joe Baker, Jack’s very own brother. Turns out he’s clueless of what’s been going on, initially believing Umbrella’s responsible for Zoe’s calcified condition.

Being told there’s a cure, Joe sets out to attain it through a Molded-invested bayou while Zoe remains at his home, using only his fists and handmade tools to stay alive.

(Such a badass.)

The cure proves worthless, not being a full dose, so Joe returns to find his home burning. A large Molded creature, the “Swamp Man”, seems to have a personal vendetta and trails Joe’s every move as he saves Zoe from the blaze and sets out to the larger Umbrella base in the area.

(The big reveal…)

Swamp Man reveals his identity as Jack Baker, regenerated yet again and mutated beyond recognition. He eventually steals Zoe, leaving Joe to die, but it’s not that easy to get rid of a hero such as Joe. Determined, he finally finds the cure, also looting a bionic gauntlet that enhances his manly punches. 

(Badassery overload.)

Making his way to the main mansion every RE7 player knows well, Joe throws himself into the fight of his life, killing Jack and curing Zoe before reinforcements arrive. Chris Redfield is among them, putting Zoe into contact with Ethan Winters, who kept his promise that he’d send help.

That’s it! You’re now caught up on most of what happened in the story DLC of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard!

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