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Welcome to the archive page for Sci-Fi & Scary’s Guest Posts. As you can see, we’ve endeavored to bring you guest posts on a variety of topics related to reading and writing, and are very thankful to each of our contributing authors. While you may occasionally see a guest post from a more well-known author, Sci-Fi & Scary takes great pleasure in giving independent authors the platform to talk as much as is possible.

The archives are divided into two main camps, though there are some piece that straddle the line and belong in both. From the Other Side is meant for posts that are directed toward adult writing and books. Circle Time is, as the name implies, for pieces more directed at writing for children, or from children’s book authors.

What are the benefits to having a piece featured for From the Other Side or Circle Time? Well, beyond the back-linking possible to your website, as well as the additional merit of having another article under your belt, I also allow guest post authors to advertise one of their books (cover and synopsis) at the bottom of the post and list their author contacts (site, Twitter, etc.) to hopefully increase exposure.

If you would like to possibly have a piece featured in one of these slots, please go here for From the Other Side and here for Circle Time.

Guest Post Archives

From the Other Side

Can a Science Fiction Novel Help Prevent Child Abuse? by Robert Eggleton

I Wanted to Be a Doctor by Kyle Alexander Romines

Crossing Genres – A Guide by Patricia Loofbourrow

How to Torture Zombies by Nikki Hopeman

Circle Time

Be True to Your Character by Sean Adelman

How to Hook the Reluctant Reader by Andy Mulberry

Why I Write by Emma Homes

Writing for a Double Audience by Julie Barichello


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