Forum Rules

The rules are fairly simple:

  1. Must be 18+ years of age.
  2. No spamming.
  3. Some cursing is okay, as long as you don’t use racist or homophobic slurs, and you do not EVER direct your cursing at another forum member.
  4. Be respectful during discussions. Disagreeing with someone is okay. Calling them a bloody idiot without two brain cells to rub together because you disagree with them is not.
  5. English only. If you want to talk with another forum member in a different language, that is fine, but for participation in the discussion, please stick to English so that everyone can understand.
  6. Do not use this forum as a place to arrange illegal sharing of books or other media.
  7. No NSFW (Not Safe For Work) images.
  8. Keep images posted smaller than 800×600.
  9. Don’t be a prick.