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Guest Posting on Sci-Fi & Scary

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Are you interested in Guest Posting on Scifi and Scary? If so, please read the rules for submission below, and then reach out to me via the contact form below or email me at

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Guest Postings are scheduled for the top posting on Sunday when possible. We may occasionally post them at other times, but top post is not guaranteed for more than 8 hours.

Rules for Submission:

  1. Content must be completely original.You can’t share a piece someone else wrote, or recycle a piece you previously wrote and posted somewhere else.
  2. It must be between 1000-2000 words.
  3. It must have something to do with reading, writing, or films of the science fiction and horror variety. Please look further down to see if I am soliciting posts for a particular topic.
  4. Self-promotion is okay, but it must take place at the bottom of the post. You may promote 1 book (picture and blurb), give your contact information, and include 2 links of positive reviews. I will include buy links as well.
  5. Content must meet my approval. I’m fairly easy going, but if I don’t think its an appropriate fit, I will turn it down. You are welcome to submit an idea to me before actually writing up the post to see if it will meet my approval if you are unsure.
  6. I reserve the right to yank a piece at any time if I find out that it is plagiarized or some other problem arises.

I am seeking submissions on the following topics: 

Non-fiction topics

  • #OwnVoices in Science Fiction and/or Horror
  • Politics in Horror and/or Sci-Fi – Do you avoid it or address it?
  • Illustrating book covers
  • Making short films
  • Trends in science fiction and/or horror
  • Crafting believable characters
  • Do you like winter-based horror? Do you write it? What is it about it that appeals to you?
  • Why are there so few science fiction or horror stories set on New Years Day?
  • What do you think of Kim Stanley Robinson’s influence on science fiction?

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