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Focus on the Frightful: Horror Shorts Pt. 4

Welcome to Part 4 of Horror Shorts!! It has been awhile since I’ve delved into the horror short side of Youtube so I thought I’d go dipping my toes into the bloody pool yet again for some viewing pleasure. Shorts are interesting to me because they’re like the short story of the film and movie world. Just a nice little slice of scare to cut you to your bone.

As always, I do not have a stake nor am I affiliated with the channels/creators in any way.

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The Armoire


A haunted armoire that feds off its kind hosts is an ungrateful piece of furniture indeed

The effects were nicely done. The voices were very quiet, however and it would have been nice to have actual subtitles rather than Youtube generated ones. I know ALTER is a fairly big channel so it seems a little neglectful that subtitles aren’t a standard.

She Knows

Spencer Keller

A young man’s girlfriend has gone missing and he starts receiving harassing phone calls, insinuating he may be behind it. That may be the least of his problems…

The ghost was very nicely done as were the vocal effects

Okay Google

Levi Morgan

A man living alone combats a mysterious figure that seems to be being aided by his Google device with a mind of its own.

I liked the idea of it because devices that listen to us are creepy all on their own. I liked how Google kicked on “Play Music” to give it a bit of suspenseful background music.

Don’t Peek

Julian Terry

An Animal Crossing horror short are four words I never thought I’d put together in a million years but it works surprisingly well and the monster looks very nice.

Where’s Waldo?

Alex Bale

What happens when Waldo finds you?

While I can’t say that this was very scary I have t give the creator credit for an interesting idea and trying their damndest to make Waldo scary and creepy. And, for it being only four minutes, there are some interesting shots in it.

One thing that was very disappointing was how few of them had dedicated subtitles. Or subtitles at all. I’m not automatically going to hate a short for somewhat iffy sound quality but if you have quiet voices, background noises going on and/or music then you really should have some kind of captioning in place.

It’s been awhile since I’ve really looked at horror shorts and I’m glad I have. I remember how much I like them and there will most likely be a part five coming in the near future. In the meantime, check out these videos and check out the channels themselves to see what else they have to offer!

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