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Focus on the Frightful: Christmas Episodes

Almost every television show known to man has a Christmas episode and the horror and science fiction genres are no different. Their episodes might be a little…different. But they are Christmas episodes nonetheless. So I thought I’d hunt down some of them for you to enjoy!

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Tales from the Darkside

Seasons of Belief

Seasons of Belief features a pair of parents who tell their kids a Christmas story that becomes a bit realer than they imagined.

The Yattering and Jack

The Yattering and Jack

This is, um, a very special Christmas episode that isn’t readily describable. But it’s the Darkside so I don’t think things would end.

The Twilight Zone

Night of the Meek

Oh Rod, you old softie. I also just recently realized that this is one of the few Santa stories that actually have the “eight tiny reindeer” instead of the larger kind like most Santa movies.

Twilight Zone Tuesday: Night of the Meek Recap and Review

Five Characters in Search of an Exit

Some characters find themselves in a hole they cannot escape. Although, given what’s going on, eventually they will be taken out. So. Happy ending?

Twilight Zone Tuesday: Five Characters in Search of an Exit

The Changing of the Guard

On Christmas Eve a college professor learns that he’s being retired and decides on a drastic course of action. Some former students come to help him improve his outlook.

Twilight Zone Tuesday: The Changing of the Guard

The X-Files

Christmas Carol

Scully receives a call leading to what may be her sister’s daughter. Or someone closer.

How the Ghosts Stole Christmas

Lily Tomlin and Ed Asner guest star in this episode as Mulder invites Scully to explore a house on Christmas Eve.

I’m sure there are many, many more that I’ve missed so if you know of any others, please, let me know! I always think that Christmas in the horror and sci-fi areas is always handled oddly. As you can see from the list there’s a variety of different methods used. Tales from the Darkside puts their own, unusual take on it with monsters and demons. Serling’s Twilight Zone definitely has a very fantastical take. Serious yet with a bit of hope in the bleak darkness. In The X-Files Christmas is almost an afterthought. The Christmas episodes could literally be placed at any other time of the year. We all know that Mulder is a joyless, lonely bastard who’s only form of companionship is Scully (but only if Scully’s attention is exclusively on him) so it’s not hard to believe that he’d want to lure her to a haunted house when she’s got other stuff to do.

I hope everyone has a good winter break and Happy Holidays!

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  1. We’re going to go with that classic horror movie set at Christmas time: The Lion in Winter. 😉
    My partner calls it the only truly family-oriented Christmas movie worth watching.

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