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Focus on the Frightful: Call of Cthulhu RPG Update

Hello! It’s been a couple of weeks so I thought I’d update you all on what’s been going on in the game. We finished the previous one (nothing much happened) and we have started a new one. Kind of a Mummy/Indiana Jones adventure.

Everything started well. Snake got his map translated by Dr. Dankenstein and revealed the Nameless City, full of treasure… and death. They hired Captain Shaw’s ship to take them to it and hired Foxy as a thief who knows her way around traps and Hopley tagged along to further his pursuit of knowledge.

The group set sail. Several days passed peacefully at sea until a Giant Squid Attack. The group dispatched it mostly without injury (except for Professor Dankenstein burning the shit out of his hand trying to fire a cannon).

They arrived in Egypt, had a pleasant shopping trip in the market and set off on their adventure.

Then… an attack.

The group of five was attacked by a group of ten men. The fight went well, for awhile. Hidie dodged bullets and blow darts like she was freaking Neo. Hopley got hit by a blow dart and poison roulette deemed him poisoned. Luckily, anti-venom was administered and he rolled his Constitution roll like a champ. Snake also got poisoned but again, pretty quickly healed.

And then the fateful five minutes happened.

They were fighting in a ravine. Hidie has an insanely good Stealth so she hit her Climb roll awesome, hit her Stealth roll awesome. But then it came to pushing the dude off a cliff. And she failed spectacularly. A Lovecraft, which is when the die hits all zeros. Soooo, I did what any good Keeper would do.

She fell off the edge. The guy paused to reload his dart gun and off she went, However, I am nothing if not kind and merciful so Shaw and Professor Dankenstein teamed up to catch her. Unfortunately, Dankenstein failed his Strength check so he took a bit of damage.

Shaw tried to Climb the side, as well. Failed two pushed rolls and took some fall damage. It all ended with the party somewhat beat up but still alive. They called a truce with the last man standing and found out that they were trying to prevent anyone from reaching The Nameless City and releasing The Creature.

We left off with the group resting and recuperating after their grueling battle. Next session… the Tomb.

Which, honestly, I can’t wait for. I have a lot of good traps planned. I hope they do turn out well since I’ve never really designed any before. I’ll keep you updated!

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