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Focus on the Frightful: Horror Shorts Pt. 5

It’s been a couple of months since we had a horror shorts Focus on the Frightful and in the meantime I’ve found some pretty good ones. Not all of them are recently released but I like finding some of the older ones. It’s like I stumbled across a little slice of goodness in the hellscape that can be the YouTube algorithm.

I like horror shorts because a lot of times they hit that same sweet spot of not too long and not too short that a horror short story can. So please peruse the listicle and hopefully you’ll find a new favorite, too!

As always, I have no stake in the channels nor am I affiliated with them in any way.

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Gallen Bros Entertainment

Even if you don’t care for the found footage style Haunting is still a little, nice and creepy story about a haunted school and two intrepid investigators. The creep factor is somewhat lessened by a jumpscare at the end but it’s worth your ten minutes.

Paint Me In the Opera House


Yep. ALTER is back. Paint Me in the Opera House has such a great old-time feel to it and the Amargosa Opera House is absolutely gorgeous and steals the scenes.

The Ghost


An excellent Korean horror story about greed, smuggling and the angry dead. Excellent short horror.

Face Your Fears

Neil Stevens

A little bit of a longer one Face Your Fears builds the suspense very nicely and has some good, creepy scares to it. The camera work and acting is excellent, as well. I can see why it’s an award winner. This was definitely one of my favorites.


Hashmic House Films

Wicken has kind of a Ringu feel to it but only near the beginning. After that, it definitely had its own flavour of eeriness. Recommended highly.

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I sincerely hope you enjoy some of these shorts as I certainly did. And, please, recommend me any that you might have found!

If you’d like to check out the other Horror Short Focus on the Frightful I will link them below. Be sure to check them out, there are a lot of good ones!

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