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Here at Sci-Fi and Scary we like to give everyone an even deal. Even the Devil. Over the years the Devil has been played many times on-screen but sometimes more…elegantly than others. So here is our list of five times the Devil was awesome on-screen.

Welcome to Flyby Five, where we abandon all sense of seriousness and do silly lists about whatever pops into our heads. This segment will be posted every Wednesday we feel like posting it. This is not a serious list, nor is it a “Top 5” list. And there is every possible chance that some of these lists or the language in these lists may not be PG-13 friendly. You have been warned. -L&G

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1.  The Man – Gabriel Byrne from The End of Days: Gabriel Byrne is pretty smoking in all of his movies but he’s sexily sinister as The Man looking for his bride.

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2. Miss Devlin – Julie Newmar from the Twilight Zone episode Of Late I Think of Cliffordville: She was gorgeous as Catwoman but in Twilight Zone she plays a sultry Miss Devlin with a coy evilness.

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3. Lucifer – Viggo Mortenson from The Prophecy: He was yummy as Aragorn but even nummier as Lucifer in The Prophecy. When he asks Detective Thomas Dagget (Elias Koteas, who doesn’t look too bad either) to come home with him I want to jump up and down saying, “Pick me, pick me!”

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4. The Devil – Ray Wise from Reaper: His attractiveness may be debatable among people (since he’s on this list you can probably guess my opinion) but you cannot deny his charisma. And scariness.

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5. The Devil – Elizabeth Hurley from Bedazzled: I’m sure she made many a heart (or other organs) go thumpity thump with the scanty clothing she dressed up in as The Devil. And, according to the commentary, most of them were from her own closet.

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Have any particular demons you’d like to exorcise? Let me know down below (no, not that far down below. I’m not heading there. Yet.)

9 thoughts on “Flyby Five: 5 Very Attractive Devils

    1. Very well. He has charisma for days! Yes, Al Pacino was great, too. It was a bit hard narrowing it down so much. Maybe in a later one we can cover ones that we’ve missed. Like George Burns. And doh! I forgot Burgess Meredith in The Printer’s Devil. Such a doofy, lovable man doesn’t seem like he could play pure evil but he does it with great panache.

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