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Flyby Five: Scary Scenes from Non-Scary Movies

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Flyby Five, where we abandon all sense of seriousness and do silly lists about whatever pops into our heads. This segment will be posted every Wednesday we feel like posting it. This is not a serious list, nor is it a “Top 5” list. And there is every possible chance that some of these lists or the language in these lists may not be PG-13 friendly. You have been warned. -L&G

Five Scary Scenes from Non-Scary Movies

You’ve all been there. You’re watching a perfectly normal movie, no scariness in sight and then…bam! You’re creeped out by some weird, freaky thing the director decided to throw in for the sole reason of freaking you out, apparently. Below is a short list of scenes that freaked me out as a kid. And, quite honestly, some still do. Like the first one…

Superman 3 – Vera Gets Turned Into a Robot

What the hell, Superman?! Even Evil Superman wasn’t as scary as this abomination!

Annie – Annie’s Escape from Rooster

Ok, I might be alone in this one but this part always scared me. The trestle they’re climbing is insanely high and Tim Curry looks scary as hell as Rooster.

The Annie gif is courtesy of a combined effort of @JasonicProtosh who created it for me and Lilyn, who helped me get it to the post. Thank you!

The Beastmaster – The Bird…Shaker…Things

This might be cheating a bit because it is a fantasy and there are other freaky creatures in it. But…these things. They are freaking terrifying. I have no idea what their proper title is but I’m not getting close enough to find out.

Return to Oz – Electroshock Therapy

This is a great sequel and actually has quite a few creepy-ass creatures (and the creepiness isn’t confined to the bad characters) but the opening takes the cake. Those people looking forward to a light-hearted sequel to Wizard of Oz were treated to a frightening opening scene of Dorothy being installed in a sanitarium for some electroshock therapy. Good family fun!

My Little Pony – Flutter Ponies Drowning in Honey

I saw this episode on television (yes, I’m that old) when I was a teen and it really freaked me out. It might seem mild but the thought of slowly drowning in honey was the most horrifying thing I’d ever seen on My Little Pony. Well, until I went looking for this picture…there are some things you can’t unsee.

Are there any movie or cartoon scenes that freaked you out, reasonably or not? If you do let us know down below!

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