Favorite Quotes #2 – Stephen King

"We make up horrors to help us cope with real ones." - Stephen King

This second entry into the Favorite Quotes section comes to you from Stephen King.

Why did I choose this one?

Because that’s why I read horror, in part. I read it because focusing on a non-real horror helps me forget about the horrors I’ve been through. I used to read romances a lot, and loved the happy ever afters. Then I learned that happy ever afters don’t exist, and now I can barely stomach those type of books. I’ve almost locked my emotions down. But horror? Horror lets me be scared. It lets me be angry. It lets me hate someone who deserves hate, instead of taking it out on somehow who doesn’t.

I’m also very picky about the horror I read. I rarely enjoy psychological horror. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I just don’t understand most of the fears that it plays upon. Mass murderer horror doesn’t do it for me either. I don’t want ‘real’ horror. I want ghosts and goblins and things that go bump in the night. I want a kick butt priest or ghost hunter that can banish things back to hell. If there’s stupid people involved, I want to see them get their just reward!

What about taboos?

Now, even with horror I have my limits. There are certain things that turn the sick switch in me, and I don’t honestly understand why authors write about them.  We’ve talked about my dislike of dead children on here enough that I’m not really going to address it.

I hate reading about molestation. There’s no good reason anyone should write about molestation in any sort of detail unless its a book meant to help someone get over being abused. I know movies like The Hills Have Eyes and stuff play up the inbred/incest angle, and it disgusts me. There’s just no need for it. If it is anything more than a background element in a character’s past, I’ll generally stop reading the book.

There are others, but honestly dead children and molestation are my two instead “Hell nos”.

What do you think?

What do you think of this quote?

Do you think that Stephen King had it right?

Why do you read horror, if not to escape?

What are your instant turn offs in a book?

Stephen King is best known for … It, Carrie, Christine, and a bunch of others I’m not going to bother listing off, because most horror fans know at least half of them by heart.

His website is: www.stephenking.com



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4 Responses to Favorite Quotes #2 – Stephen King

  1. I agree. I think horror allows us to feel afraid and like reading altogether, is a great way to escape to someplace else. As far as the molestation angle, I totally don’t see a real reason to include it in books unless like you said, it can be used as a self-help book or someone chooses to include it in a memoir or similar book. I read horror because I like being scared, I like experiencing things that I may not possibly experience in real life, and also because it makes me feel close to my dad – who got me started watching horror movies when I was probably too young for them. Every time I read a scary book or watch a good horror movie, I think I wish my Dad was around to see it as well.

  2. I haven’t read any horror in a while, though I used to read a lot of Stephen King. I suppose I agree with the quote. I think that reading in general allows us to experience things vicariously outside our normal range.

    The first time I remember a movie creeping me a bit was Roman Polanskis ‘Fearless Vampire Hunters’. The movie was funny, even for a young Icky, until the twist ending.

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