A Review of Everyone Dies at the End by Riley Westbrook

What’s it about?

Two story lines intersect as the zombie apocalypse is brought about by an everyday item in our fridges or in our woods. A drug addict and a family, both doing what they can to survive the end of the world. Will they?


What did I think of it?

“Everyone dies at the end” definitely has potential. No doubt about it. I would love to read a version of this story that has been professionally edited. That, more than anything else, is my main issue with this story. It could be very, very good, but until the wording and descriptive issues are fixed, it borders on being annoying.

There were certain places where the writing just didn’t make sense. If the author says that x slammed their pistol into someone’s head, I assume they pistol-whipped them. Not that they jammed the barrel against the person’s forehead. So when the author immediately says that they pulled the trigger then, and blew the person’s brain out, my brain skittered to a halt and went “What? Wait…what?”

Another weakness of the author is the tendency to get stuck in a rut with descriptions. One character’s drug addiction is always referred to as his demon (which, even if it is actually a demon, the descriptions still need switched up a bit. A heavyset male is always, always called the fat man.

The ending was definitely a surprise, and as I tend to write reviews while I read, it made me go back and erase portions of what I’d written down. Ultimately, though, i think the base of my review stands. The author needs to work on some basic wording as well as try to avoid over-using the same descriptors.

3 Star Rating

Title: Everyone Dies at the End | Author: Riley Westbrook | Source: I received a free copy from author in exchange for honest review

You can check out the individual sections of this story (its written in episode format) here.

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