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Don’t Knock Twice #MovieReview

A mother desperate to reconnect with her troubled daughter becomes embroiled in the urban legend of a demonic witch.

Don't Knock Twice movie cover

Starring:  Katee SackhoffLucy BoyntonRichard Mylan 

Tagline: Pray She Doesn’t Answer

Release Date: 3, February 2017 | Rating: 3 out of 5

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I have passed Don’t Knock Twice a few times on Netflix but didn’t fancy it for some reason. It was not bad in the end, certainly not as bad as the reviews led me to believe it would be. And it is a British film.

Artist Jess abandoned her daughter Chloe years ago after struggling with addiction, but has found a new life, and is ready to be a mother again. A teenage Chloe is still angry and wants nothing to do with her mother. That is, until the Baba Yaga comes to find her.
The local kids believe if you knock twice on this abandoned house, the previous owner will come for you. Chloe and her friend decide to knock. I guess you really shouldn’t knock twice.

Don’t Knock Twice had all the elements of horror that I enjoy: interesting characters, urban legend, a demon type thing, creep factor. When it was finished all those things I like felt only half met. Was it mind blowing? No. Was it terrible? Not really. I was entertained enough to see it through.

I’ve watched a ton of horror films, so I anticipated the ending of Don’t Knock Twice about midway, however, it didn’t make the journey any less entertaining. I like that both Jess and Chloe are females with flaws and emotions. The relationship between mother and daughter adds an element of tension even if it is a bit superficial. As a parent I know how difficult parenting can be, add to that your own personal struggle that leads you to not wanting your child, that in itself is an internal horror, yet it is glossed over. I do feel they could have dug deeper into that relationship, but they chose not to.

For me, the highlight was the demon thing. I love a good creature lurking in the dark. I have a soft spot for urban legends because I grew up with so many in my culture. Knowing horror could be just around the corner is both thrilling and terrifying.
I would give Don’t Knock Twice – 3 knocks.

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  1. I thought this one was okay. Not great and kind of predictable but it had it’s moments.

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