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Diverse Directors for 2020

Diverse Directors in 2020 is a counterpart to our 20 Diverse Authors to Read in 2020. You might see a few names that are big in the horror and sci-fi genres right now we’re also aiming to bring your attention to some directors that may have slipped under the radar.

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Andres Kaiser

Also Known For: Frank El Indomable

In Production: La Semilla Invisible (The Invisible Seed)


Feral movie cover

Aneesh Chaganty

Also Known For: Monsters (short)

In Production: Run


Searching movie cover

Bong Joon Ho

Also Known For: Snowpiercer


Okja movie cover

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Demian Rugna

Also Known For: The Last Gateway


Aterrados movie cover

Guillermo del Toro

Also Known For: Crimson Peak

In Production: Nightmare Alley

El Espinazo del Diablo (The Devil’s Backbone)

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Issa Lopez

Tigers Are Not Afraid

Tigers Are Not Afraid movie cover

Jordan Peele

Also Known For: Get Out

In Production: Abruptio


Karyn Kusama

Also Known For: Jennifer’s Body

In Production: Yellowjackets (tv series)

The Invitation

The Invitation movie cover

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Robert Rodriguez

Also Known For: Alita – Battle Angel

In Production: Machete Kills in Space

El Mariachi

El Mariachi movie cover

Rocky Soraya

Also Known For: The 3rd Eye


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This list is sadly too short and I hope there will be many, many more directors on next year’s list. If we’ve left anyone out please, bring them to our attention so we can look at their movies and hopefully add some reviews to this list.

We need more diverse horror and science fiction movies from different perspectives. We need more people to watch movies with different perspectives, different voices, different people. Struggling to be heard can be difficult when you’re a well-known director, it’s even worse when you’re an independent artist struggling to be seen in a media field that is becoming saturated with rising creative talents. We see you. We hear you. We want more.

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