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Cover Reveal: Wild Sun & Unbound by Ehsan & Shakil Ahmad

In May of 2019, Olly positively reviewed ‘Wild Sun’ by Ehsan & Shakil Ahmad.

‘Wild Sun’ is a thrilling, science fiction adventure that manages to blend a vintage, golden age feel with an enjoyably modern take on tyranny.

Olly C, Sci-fi & Scary

You can read the rest of his review here:

A few weeks ago, Rick Lewis of Uproar Books reached out to me to let me know that not only were they re-launching ‘Wild Sun’ with a new cover (and it will now also include a new introduction by the authors discussing why they were inspired as the first-generation American children of Pakistani immigrants to write a sci-fi novel about oppression, racism, and imperialism), but also to let me know that the second book in the series was almost ready and they’d like to do a cover reveal for that as well. We were happy to oblige!

So, without further ado, here is the new cover for ‘Wild Sun’!

Wild Sun by Ehsan Ahmad and Shakil Ahmad

You can order the new edition with this stunning cover on Amazon:

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Wild Sun, Book 2: ‘Unbound’

After a desperate escape from Mine Thirteen, Cerrin now leads a band of escaped slaves on a deadly race for freedom across an endless, ancient forest.

At her heels are soldiers of the most advanced, most ruthless empire the galaxy has yet known. Leading the pursuit is Count Talazeer himself, a vicious nobleman driven by a personal vendetta against Cerrin—and a desperate need for redemption in the eyes of his family and his people.

For the escapees, each day of survival is a victory. Striking back at the enemy remains an impossible dream. And yet, once kindled, the flames of hope are not easily extinguished. Even as death claims them one by one, they hold fast to faith in their gods and, above all, in Cerrin.

Cerrin’s people are not alone in this fight. Strange new allies—and enemies—await them amidst the trees and beyond the stars. When the fate of her world falls into her hands, Cerrin must choose between freedom for her people or forcing them to join a larger war against the Vitaari Empire.

As soon as you check out this awesome cover, you can pre-order book two on Amazon:

Unbound by Ehsen Ahmad and Shakil Ahmad

Based in Nashville, Tenn., Uproar Books, LLC, began accepting submissions in September 2018 and launched its first title in May 2019. Specializing in science-fiction and fantasy novels, the company produces hard cover and paperback books for distribution throughout the U.S., U.K., and Canada, as well as ebooks available worldwide.

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