The Conjuring 2: The Warrens Take On Enfield

Here’s the recently released trailer for The Conjuring 2.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this. I mean, the trailer looks like I’d expect it to look. I know its going to be just another horror movie. I do like Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson’s acting. I feel like they have great chemistry, and I love that they don’t act kooky in any way. They’re serious about what they do.

But… I feel like its one of those things where it’s going to basically be a repeat of the first movie, albeit with a little kid as the possessed, instead of being a good, strong movie on its own.  Regardless, I’ll go see it. I’m pretty much “Ooh, horror movie? TAKE MY MONEY!” but…. still.

The Conjuring didn’t hold up to repeat viewings but was a great initial watch. Maybe we’ll get lucky and this one will rock.

What do you guys think? Are you excited to see it?

Click here to find The Conjuring on Amazon if you haven’t watched it yet, and want to after seeing this trailer for the second one.

By the way – I started a little page for trailers of upcoming movies that excited me. Its here. Its mainly going to be horror, ’cause y’know, that’s what makes my heart go pit-a-pat.  Check it out to see another The Conjuring 2 trailer!



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