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Come With Me by Ronald Malfi #BookReview

A masterful, heart-palpitating novel of small-town horror and psychological dread from a Bram Stoker nominee.

Aaron Decker’s life changes one December morning when his wife Allison is killed. Haunted by her absence–and her ghost–Aaron goes through her belongings. He finds a receipt for a motel room in another part of the country. Piloted by grief and an increasing sense of curiosity, Aaron embarks on a journey to discover what Allison had been doing in the weeks prior to her death.

Yet Aaron is unprepared to discover the dark secrets Allison kept. And with each dark secret revealed, Aaron becomes more and more consumed by his obsession to learn the terrifying truth about the woman who had been his wife. Even if it puts his own life at risk.

A dark teal cover has forest trees lining either side with a dark figure walking through the center. The authors name and title are in white.

Title: Come With Me |  Author: Ronald Malfi | Publisher: Titan Books | Pub. Date: 20 July  2021 | Pages: 352 | ISBN: ‎ 9781789097375 | Genre: Horror | Language: English |  Source: Publisher | Starred Review

Come With Me  Review

In 2018, Wendi Winters and four others were murdered at work, when a person came into their news office and opened fire. Ronald Malfi, the author and Winters’ friend, dedicates Come With Me to her and explains the relationship in the Author’s Note. Allison’s tragedy is close to this experience and the following story is a heart-wrenching tale of love, true crime, horror, and suspense.

Aaron Decker is a an excellent main character. His reaction to his wife’s murder and subsequent actions are believable and his grief is palpable. Readers will come to know Allison through him even though the entirety of the book takes place after her death. It brings to mind King’s Bag of Bones as another husband tries to reconcile his wife’s untimely death and later strives to discover his spouse’s secrets. Be sure to hold on to your heart.

The horror in this book is intertwined with true crime and the depth of relationships. Malfi blends in the supernatural in an organic way and it is sure to appeal to a wide variety of readers. This book will likely appeal to readers of true crime, horror, books about relationships and loss, and many others.

Come With Me is superbly written and makes for an engaging and fast-paced read. The heart and the emotions come through solidly and it is clear that it is a story dear to Malfi. So many of his other books do this is as well; it is clearly a strength for this author. Be sure to pick this book up and then make your way through Ronald Malfi’s spectacular back catalog.

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