Collision Earth Review (Campy Space Disaster)

Collision EarthTitle: Collision Earth

Synopsis: When the sun converts to a magnetar for a short time, the planet Mercury is thrown out of orbit (along with a spaceship exploring it) and set on a collision course for Earth. Can a disgraced scientist manage to use his failed weapon system, Project 7, to save our planet?

Tagline: None, so here’s mine “MAGNETISM!”

Trailer: Collision Earth

Release Date: 2011-3-26 | MPAA Rating: PG | Coolthulhus Earned: 4


Collision Earth Review

The sun turns into a magnetar for a split second. Mercury is magnetized, pushed away from the sun, and towards the earth. Doom! DOoooOOooom!

Collision Earth was awesomely horrible. My partner and I snarked and cackled our way through all of its made-for-tv glory. This is one of those movies where you can stick your nose in the air, snob up, and talk about how terrible it is. You can easily do this because it really is just that bad. OR you can let yourself dive into the Bad Movie Zone, and bask in its gloriousness.

The script that has you hollering “Magnetism!” every 5 minutes and then collapsing into giggles.The back and forth banter between the characters was absurd and yet completely believable.  The CGI is, oh wow, the CGI is bad. Not just a little bad, either. No, it’s “Holy crap, is that a toy shuttle on a string?!” bad. Sometimes we had to rewind the show just because we were in disbelief. In particular, there was this scene when these two vehicles were lifted into the air and slammed together. Another one where a mailbox fell over and skidded across a sidewalk, ’cause, MAGNETISM!  I also liked that the heroes were not exactly Bruce Willis macho. They got their butts kicked or caught lots, and managed to do what they needed to do through sheer luck. I loved it!

The acting in Collision Earth is over the top, and Kirk Acevedo (Charlie, Fringe) is just not leading man material. The poor guy constantly looks in pain, and his voice never really shows any emotion. It just gets louder or softer depending on the situation. The writer and/or director made sure to hit as many of the space disaster typical movie moves as possible. Which was rather amazing when you consider the shuttle looked like a over-sized sardine can fitted with circuit boards and other technology from thirty years ago.

Simply glorious.

Sound right up your B-movie alley? You can rent Collision Earth on Amazon.

4 Star Rated Collision Earth Review

Title: Collision Earth | Director: Paul Ziller | Actors:  Kirk Acevedo, Diane Farr, Chad Krowchuk | Release Date: 2013-3-26 | Genre: Science Fiction / Drama | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 4 out of 5 |  Source: Hoopla Digital

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