Sunday Fun: Animaniacs

Cutest Animal Pics/Gifs of the Week: Iguana give these guys some love!

Iguanas are stinking adorable and I need at least two …as soon as I can be convinced my cats will play nice with them! As usual, none of these are mine, credits belong to the original makers/takers. Credited where I
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Cutest Animal Pics of the Week: Cute Puppies!

’cause we always need more cute puppies!! As usual, these pics are not mine. I just found them and passed them on so everyone could share in the ridiculous cuteness. I’ve credited where I found them in the captions.  

Cutest/Funniest Animals of the Week: Snakes (and goats).

For this Sundays version of Cutest Animals of the Week: Snakes in Hats! Okay, I don’t care if its been forever since these were a ‘thing’, Snakes in Hats are one of the most adorable things ever! and and because
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Cutest Animal Pics/Gifs this Week: Oink!

Everyone needs to see these bacon seeds piglets. Are they not adorable?! For the record, I just like to push buttons by calling them bacon seeds. I don’t, uhm, actually like…bacon. But I do think piggies are cute! As usual, none
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Cute Animal Gifs/Pics of the Week: 2/21

How adorable is this? I mean, seriously! Yeah, I’ve seen this one around for ages. It never gets old. Where is this that you can be chased by bunnies? I wanna be chased by bunnies! As usual, not mine. Copyrights
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Cute Animal Gifs of the Week (2/14): Goats!

(okay, some of these are just flat out pictures instead of gifs, but they’re all stinkin’ adorable, so…) As usual…not mine, not a single one of them. I just found them and wanted to pass them along 🙂 Credited the
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“Look. Puppies!”

Hugging Puppies! Cutely howlin’ puppies! High-fivin’ puppies and finally…sleeeeeeeeppy puppies None of these are mine, though. Credited where I found them. I’m just passing on the cuteness!