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Category: Short Stories

That Time Lilyn Got Lazy: 3 Short Reviews for Short Reads.

Haunting at Spider Gate Cemetery: A Halloween to remember; if they survive. Spirits don’t take kindly to being provoked, especially on Halloween. Three friends are…

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The Third Corona Book of Horror Stories by Lewis Williams (editor) #BookReview

In response to our worldwide call, we received a total of 824 horror short story submissions for this book – adding up to a staggering…

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Prehistoric Anthology Vol. 1 edited by S.J. Larsson #BookReview

PREHISTORIC is an action-packed collection of stories featuring terrifying creatures that once ruled the Earth. Lost worlds where T-Rex and Velociraptors still roam and man…

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Growing Things & Other Stories by Paul Tremblay #BookReview

A chilling anthology featuring nineteen pieces of short fiction from the multiple award-winning author of the national bestseller The Cabin at the End of the World and A…

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The Writers’ Block by Michael Wheatley #BookReview

An artist finds success beneath his flesh. A critic of a two-hundred-year-old text is confronted by its author. An unnamed woman, buried to her neck…

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Paramourn: Unfortunate Romances by John Edward Lawson #BookReview

Why are bad choices so tempting? This short story collection explores the dark side of romance, twisting through bizarro alleyways and diving into the dumpsters…


Devil’s Hill: An Anthology by E. Reyes #BookReview

R.L. Stine has Fear Street, Stephen King has Castle Rock, E. Reyes has Devil’s Hill. From the mind of author E. Reyes comes his debut horror anthology…

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They Move Below by Karl Drinkwater #BookReview

Fifteen tense tales. One sleepless night. Horror lives in the shadows.  It exists under the earth’s surface in ancient caves; below the vast sea’s undulating…

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