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Brian’s Not So Serious Movie Awards

Privately I started handing out humorous, very specific movie awards for movies I watched in 2020. Even if no one else was amused, I was. So I decided to expand them some and post them here. So here’s my weirdly specific MTV Movie Awards style picks for movies I liked.

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The Unlikeliest Satanists Award goes to: Anything For Jackson

The I Don’t Know Fully What Happened But It Sure Was a lot of fun award goes to: The Call

The Yes We Need More Indonesian Martial Arts Super Hero award goes to: Gundala

Greatest use of a remote controlled vehicle: (tie) Peninsula and #Alive

Most surprising death that came halfway through the movie: Impetigore

Best Final Performance: Robert Forester in The Wolf of Snow Hollow

The Chow Yun Fat Award goes to: Chow Yun Fat showing up with an RPG in The Seventh Curse

The ha-ha you though that was the only twist award goes to A Tale of Two Sisters

The Creepy neighbor award: (tie) #Alive and Metamorphosis

The sometimes you have to watch old movies with current racists award: Vampires and Anaconda

The why is the bad guy making me feel things award: Fright Night

The Oh My God Don’t Eat the Mushrooms award goes to Matango

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