The Boy Movie Review

The BoyTitle: The Boy

Synopsis: An American nanny is shocked that her new English family’s boy is actually a life-sized doll. After she violates a list of strict rules, disturbing events make her believe that the doll is really alive.

Tagline: Every child needs to feel loved.

Trailer: The Boy

Release Date: 2016-1-22 | MPAA Rating: PG-13 | Coolthulhus Earned: 3

The Boy Review

The Boy was almost instantly creepy. From the minute you lay eyes on the disturbingly Michael Myers looking doll, a shiver goes down your spine. I had read very few reviews of The Boy, and none of them contained spoilers so I really wasn’t sure what I was getting in to. So, needless to say I was NOT expecting the twist. I mean, it made sense once it was revealed, but wow!

The two elderly parents play their roles with such seriousness that you buy it completely. In fact, it’s incredibly easy to feel sad for the characters instead of just dismissing them as loonies.  Cohan’s character was an interesting one, if a bit cliché. I haven’t seen her play any other type of role beside confident-yet-vulnerable female, and this one is no exception. However, she does it well, so I’m not going to complain too much just yet. We’ll revisit the point in a couple more movies if she still hasn’t managed to break the mold.

In terms of the way the movie was shot and the script – there were no big surprises. Pretty much completely typical of this type of movie, up to and including the ‘sexy showering scene’.  It was a good slow burn that definitely kept you on edge and made you really want to know what was going on.

However, the very ending made me go “What the … ” That last thirty seconds ruins the whole film. You just can’t buy it if you have an ounce of common sense in your head. I literally gaped at the screen and then did the whole “Oh c’mon, that’s not even…!” To which my partner made a few snarky – but salient – remarks. Seriously, I would have rated The Boy much higher if it wasn’t for that absolutely ridiculous ending. I’m still mad.

Overall, The Boy had the potential to be an awesome movie that lingered in your mind, but failed horribly because of a stupid decision at the very end. It took it from a movie that I wanted to re-watch just to see what clues I might have missed, to one I can barely recommend to people. If you do decide to watch it, do yourself a favor and stop watching after what feels like the appropriate ending. (It’ll be obvious.)

The Boy is available to rent or buy on Amazon.

Title: The Boy | Director: William Brent Bell | Actors: Lauren Cohan, Rupert Evans, James Russell | Release Date: 2016-1-22 | Genre: Horror | Triggers: Mentioned Child Death & Miscarriage | Rating: 3 out of 5 | Source: Self-purchased Rental | Date Watched: 2016-8-7

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4 Responses to The Boy Movie Review

  1. You hit the ending on the head for me as well. I really enjoyed it all up until that part. I am sort of freaked out by dolls so I had an extra chill factor. However, I kept telling my husband during the whole thing that Cohen can kill zombies so I doubt the Boy was ever really a match for her.

    • I’m a little freaked out by dolls myself. Just not a fan of the porcelain face/hand ones. Or …actually, no, just dolls in general. Anything bigger than a barbie gets the side-eye from me. LOL.

      My partner asked if I wanted him to return the movie or keep it to watch one more time the next night and I said “Take it back. I’m still mad at that *bleep* ending.”

  2. olganm says:

    I’m quite intrigued and more because I’ve seen a video explaining the ending… ? (I haven’t watched it though)

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