Box of Dread – Horror Box Review

I recently decided to try out a few of the science fiction and horror boxes that were floating about, to see which one offered the best deals and products. (I’m sure I”ll get better at doing these as time goes on. Bear with me!)

The first one that I signed up for was the Box of Dread from Dread Central.

Box of Dread‘s FAQ says I should have expected to receive:

Handpicked, awesome horror-related collectibles as well as promotional products from horror movies, TV shows and games. Items to be included in various boxes range from shirts to stickers to action figures and movie memorabilia. Don’t be surprised if you occasionally get limited edition items. We want to deliver the horror convention experience to you in a box on a monthly basis.

Please note: This box was not given to me to review. I paid out of pocket for it.

Cost for 1 month Box of Dread: $20.00

Items received: 4

Estimated value of items received: $32.99. (I figured this number up via item searching on both google and Amazon. There was nothing available for the movie, so I priced it at 9.99 myself. It is a “Limited Freddie Wong Collector’s Edition” that has been signed on the cover.)

Ordered on: 2/9/2017 | Received: 2/21/2017

Box of Dread - All Items

All Items Received – Box of Dread








Box of Dread Review:

received more than $20.00 worth of items from what I was able to tell. All items appeared brand new, though truthfully none of them except the Ghostbusters Dorbz is interesting to me at all. DVD is signed and sealed (and has a whopping 2.8 rating on IMDB. That makes me nervous). The DVD is also a limited signed collector’s edition.

I had no clue what to expect from this box as I chose not to peek online (which is an option) before I received it.

I’m not thrilled with Box of Dread, but I also know I realistically have no reason to be disappointed in it. As far as expectations/hopes versus reality, I’d give this a 3 out of 5. Someone who digs Leatherface and animal horror movies might be a lot more excited by this box than I was.

Have you received any Boxes of Dread in the past? If so, what did you think of the items you received?

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4 Responses to Box of Dread – Horror Box Review

  1. Oh I want the Ghostbuster Pop…lol, that is a cool box. There seems to be a box for everything now. 🙂

  2. Looks cool but I prefer a somewhat minimalist home and am very particular about what I bring into my house that isn’t food, dvd or book. I’d end up giving the toys away, watching the movie and then donating that too. Thanks for the review. I’ve been curious about these boxes but know they’re not for me. There is one out there that sends DVD’s only. I may try that one someday.

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