Books Reviewed on Kids’ Corner – Policy Update

I’m a huge advocate of kids’ literacy, and love the fact that I turn Sci-Fi & Scary on Saturdays over to reviewing books for kids. However, it doesn’t really fit in with the site, and that’s always niggled at me, too. After wondering how in the world I’m able to make Kids’ Corner a part of the whole, I came to the simple, yet obvious conclusion. (One that’s helped by the fact that Miss L loves Science Fiction and Action books.)

Changed Priorities Sign for Books Reviewed on Kids' Corner
Image Credit: Redver on Flickr. License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Books Reviewed on Kids’ Corner

From this first Saturday in May, onward, Kids’ Corner will only be accepting fiction kids books for review that fall under the regular site guidelines. Ie: Sci-Fi, Horror, and Thrillers (in kid terms, more like: sci-fi, a teensy bit scary, and action-packed). We will still continue to review some fantasy works, but, again as with the regular site, this will not be a genre that we accept for review. Instead it will be our choice only.

NON-FICTION kids books will still be reviewed as normal. 

We are toying with the idea of creating a sister-site that focuses solely on kids’ literacy across the board, and would review all sorts of books, but that’s just an idea right now.

Click here to see the list of books we’ve reviewed for kids to date. 

Thanks for understanding!

Lilyn G & Miss L