Even Closer Than The Sea by Kyle Fiske

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Even Closer Than the Sea and Other Stories

even-closer-than-the-sea Synopsis: A small band of US soldiers man a lonely outpost on the coast of Massachusetts during WWII, and find themselves facing something far more terrifying than German submarines…Two wayward samurai track a strange beast and look for a payday in feudal Japan…The crew of a space probe to one of Jupiter’s moons have to alter their mission when they realize that life on Europa is no longer hypothetical…A cattleman and his top hand in 1880’s Texas learn that a lack of water might not always be the worst problem to have…A trooper becomes separated from her squad in the hostile desert of a strange planet, and finds herself pursued by merciless enemies…A family gathering at an old coastal estate in turn-of-the-century Maine takes a horrific turn as the family discovers that their grandfather accidentally brought something else back from Egypt along with his artifacts…

These eleven tales of strange creatures and haunted landscapes take the reader from dark seas to arid deserts, from old Japan to distant planets in the far future. In the vein of classic fantasy, horror and science fiction, these stories capture the terror and bravery of average people facing unknown foes and unearthly challenges.


Pub. Date: July 9th, 2016

Pages: 200

Genre: Science Fiction, Horror

Where to Buy: Amazon

Current Goodreads Rating: 5.0

Excerpt from Even Closer Than the Sea:

The three men reached the top of the old gravel quarry road that sloped down and led to the sea.  They were still about twenty-five yards from the water, but the thing was almost there.  It half waddled, half slid down the last bit of the icy gravel path, with McCauley’s limp form still in its jaws.  Ingram passed the other two and ran a few steps ahead.  He kneeled down and took steady aim with his M1, and then fired at the thing, emptying his entire fifteen round magazine as fast as he could pull the trigger.  The thing didn’t turn around, but it dropped the lifeless body of McCauley, and then lunged at him again with its powerful jaws and lifted him completely off the ground, as if it had needed to get a better grip on him.  It then made its way the final few feet over the icy rocks and into the surf, and slid effortlessly into the sea.  The thing, and McCauley, disappeared under the cold waves in a matter of seconds.  Lodge could hear Pvt. Ingram saying something—maybe a prayer—but he couldn’t quite make it out.  The three of them then stood there alone in the heavy, gray air.  The wind had stopped but the snow continued to fall, and the only sound was the gentle breaking of the frigid surf against the rocks.

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About the Author:

kyle-fiskeKyle Fiske is an indie author with 1 distinct work under his belt. It currently has a 5.0 rating on Goodreads.

Kyle Fiske grew up on a farm near the Canadian border in rural upstate New York, just outside the small town of Brasher Falls. He studied history and English during his university days, and he’s had a lifelong love of strange and fantastical stories. He writes mostly in the vein of classic science fiction, horror and dark fantasy, and his first short story collection was published in 2016. He now makes his home on Cape Ann, Massachusetts.

In answer to why he writes horror, Kyle says:

Why am I drawn to write horror and science fiction?  My interest in strange and fantastical stories has been present since childhood—and I suppose it’s the age-old question of nature vs. nurture.  Was there something inherent in my DNA, or my soul (depending on your metaphysical perspective) that drew me to these subjects and themes?  I suspect there was.  But my environment surely had an effect on my leanings as well.  Television programs like Ultraman, Twilight Zone, Star Trek and The Outer Limits absolutely captivated me as a child, and that influence has never waned.  Also,  growing up out in the country, on a farm of over a hundred acres, I spent a good deal of time as a boy just out walking by myself: in the fields, pastures and woods, by an ancient flowing brook, near abandoned railroad tracks and a large ponds.  I think the impact of the natural environment on a young mind can’t be overstated.   For whatever reason, as a young boy I was always imagining strange adventures and situations, and years later I’m still imagining them.

Main site: https://kylefiskeauthor.wordpress.com/

Goodreads profile: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/15470200.Kyle_Fiske

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KyleFiskeauthor