The Star Agency Review (YA Science Fiction)

The Star Agency

The Star Agency Synopsis: “So many of us dream of another life – a life of excitement and danger.

What if, in the darkest depths of despair, you suddenly had a chance to live that life?

Would you have the courage to chase that dream, even if you had to leave your friends, family and everything you knew behind?

Would you take that chance?

Theopolis James Logan is about to get that chance.

The Universe is about to come knocking on his door.”

The Star Agency is book 1 of The Star Agency Chronicles, an Interstellar secret agent adventure aimed at readers aged 10 and above. -Goodreads Synopsis


The Star Agency Review

I came across this book via one of the author’s Twitter send-outs, if I remember correctly. It intrigued me enough when I checked out the Goodreads synopsis that I added it to my list of things to read… and promptly forgot about it for a while. One day, realizing that I didn’t have access to two of the other books that I was currently reading, I was scrolling through my kindle cloud reader list, and saw The Star Agency again. “Eh…sure, why not?” I thought. So I opened it, and started reading. I don’t think I was a full tenth of the way into the book before I started raving about it on Twitter. 5 Star Rated Star Agency Review

The problem with ‘space’ books, is that (pertaining to your average reader) you can either knock it out of the park… or fail horribly by boring the reader to tears. The Star Agency, much like Ender’s Game, scores a home run easily. R.E. Weber has done an extremely credible job of giving the reader a scifi story on a simple enough level that 10 year old could read it, but keeping it interesting enough that adults should have no problem visually devouring it either.

Note: Sometimes it is so hard to do these reviews completely spoiler-free!

The characters are fleshed-out, and believable in their actions. The main character, especially, has a talent for putting his foot in it in a typical teenager’s way. The reactions to surprises, shocks, etc, are all very appropriate for their age groups. There’s a hint of potential romance, but not enough to detract from the story itself.

I liked the world-building. I hate info-dumps, though I do recognize their necessity at times. R.E. Weber manages to give us the information we need without feeling like we’re constantly reading massive immovable walls of text. I could not tell you in great detail what Polisium looked like, and I’m perfectly okay with that. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – our imagination is our greatest gift.

Overall, The Star Agency is a fantastic book, and thus far stands out as the best indie published book that I have read this year. Fantastic work from a very talented author. If you’re a sci-fi fan, you need to check this book out. You can buy The Star Agency on Amazon.

Book Details for The Star Agency Review

Title: The Star Agency | Author: R.E. Weber (site) Publisher: Independent on Kindle | Publication Date: 2013-1-1 | Pages: 385 | ASIN B00AWELPNU | Genre: Science Fiction & Young Adult | Language: English | Rating: 5 out of 5 | Triggers: None |Date Read: 2015-9-30 | Source: Kindle Promo

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