Prince of Nightmares Review (Paranormal Horror)

Prince of NightmaresPrince of Nightmares Synopsis: Welcome to the Ballador Country House Hotel. Nestled in the highlands of Scotland, it is unlike any other lodging. Guests can expect wonderful scenery, gourmet food, and horrifying nightmares—guaranteed. Daring travelers pay thousands to stay within the Ballador’s infamous rooms because of the vivid and frightening dreams the accommodations inspire.

Before Josephine Teversham committed suicide, she made a reservation at the hotel for her husband, Australian magnate Victor Teversham. Once he arrives at the hotel, Victor finds himself the target of terrifying forces, revealing the nightmares and their purpose to be more strange, personal, and deadly than anyone could have guessed. – Goodreads


Prince of Nightmares Review

Let me start by saying how much I loved the fact that the main character in this book wasn’t a young kid, young woman, newlyweds on their honeymoon, etc. Instead, you get an old (and by old I mean almost 80) white guy as the protagonist. The only place I’m used to seeing old white guys is when they’re running for some sort of office. The only running Victor does is in fear. 5 Star Rated Prince of Nightmares Review

This book was so well-written. It really calls to mind some of my most-loved horror movies. The ones that have just that twist of something different to make them stand-out. Primarily, the fantastic imagery. Ghost Ship, Thir13een Ghosts, The Sixth Sense, Silent Hill, etc. This book has that quality to it.

The Ballador Country House Hotel is one of those places that will haunt your nightmares long after you finish reading the book. The descriptions of the ghosts will linger behind your eyelids, and make you just a little more reluctant to turn the lights off when its time to go to bed. Just like all good horror books and movies. do.

Oh, yeah, the ending was perfect too.  This is definitely a must-read for any horror fans out there!

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Title: Prince of Nightmares | Author: John McNee | Publisher: Blood Bound Books (site) | Pub. Date: 2016-1-1 | Pages: 189 | ASIN: B016Z8BSXS | Genre: Horror | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 5 out of 5 | Date Read: 2015-11-29 | Source: Received a copy free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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