A Review of Animal Planet Polar Animals (Animal Bites #2)

What’s it about?

This is the second issue of Animal Planet’s  Animal Bites series, which is aimed at young readers. This book focuses, as you might guess, on polar animals. It contains over 200 pictures, and tons of ‘bite-sized’ facts that are simply put and easily read.


Book Cover for Animal Planet Polar Animals Issue (Animal Bites #2)

My review of Animal Planet Polar Animals (Animal Bites #2)

I love the direction Animal Planet is heading in with this series. Most pictures are almost mind-bogglingly gorgeous, with the animals looking like they could walk right off the pages and into the reader’s room. The layout of the book is great, with each section flowing easily into the next. The infographics are simple, and the “bite-sized” facts are things that young readers can easily understand.

My six-year-old loved the cuddle/snuggle/pet worthy yes or no blocks, though on at least one occasion she wanted to argue about the checked answer!  She’s fascinated by the size-comparisons that the book lays out, and exclaimed excitedly over several of them. I liked that the “Why live there” gave us a chance to talk about adaptation. The emphasis on family relationships definitely helped to keep her engaged.

Fantastic book that definitely need to go on your child’s bookshelf if they like animals even a little bit. Not only is it outright fun just to look at, but it provides so many opportunities for learning and discussion between you and your child(ren). Educational materials don’t have to be stuffy or dull, as this series easily

5 Star Rating

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Title: Animal Planet Polar  Animals | Series: Animal Bites | Author: Animal Planet, Laaren Brown | Publisher: Time, Inc | Pub Date: 2016-4-1 | Pages: 80 | ISBN13: 9781618931610 | Genre: Children’s Nonfiction | Language: English |Triggers: None | Date Read: 2016-2-13 | Source: Received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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