Lies in Shadows Review

Lies In Shadows Cover ReviewAs Lucretia Prescott is dealing with the death of her mama, she also has to face the fact that mama hasn’t quite left, her spirit is still here, but why? As Lucretia struggles to find out what mama is doing she also struggles to find the memories of her life that lie in the shadows of her mind. She quickly finds her memories are lies too. Now she has to find out why.


Lies in Shadows Review

While I’m not blind to its issues (and will be discussing them shortly), Lies in Shadows was an excellent novella. The author managed to hook me immediately, then turn the story on its head, and then just when I thought I knew exactly where this was going, she did it again!4 Star Rated Lies in Shadows Review

Whenever I encounter natural talent like this, it just gives me the veritable warm’n’fuzzies. Which might be kind of disturbing if you think about it, considering it happens when I’m reading horror stories sometimes. ….annnyways. The pacing was fantastic and the story was excellent. In fact, it was so good that as I was reading it, I was  subconsciously casting actresses in my head. I saw the lady from House on Haunted Hill (Lily…something?) being Lucretia. She just had that sort of half-mad, half-vulnerable air about her.

Now, this book did have a few issues which knocked it down a notch for me. Namely, the dialogue, especially in the first half, was a bit stilted/awkward. For me, that can yank me out of a story quicker than anything if I feel like the characters aren’t conversing realistically.  Second, and I’m willing to admit it might be personal stance, but the relationship that develops between two of the characters just gives me the willies. I can’t say any more without spoiling it, but it just didn’t seem ‘right’. Finally, the punctuation seemed a little off in places, but that really was a minor, minor issue.

Overall, though, excellent novella. You can find Lies in Shadows now on Amazon. Definitely give it a try.


Title: Lies in Shadows | Author: PS Winn | Publisher: Self-published |Publication Date: 2014-8-5 | Pages: 184 | ASIN: B00MG5ISTM | Genre(s): Horror & Mystery | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Source: Kindle Unlimited

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