Beyond the Horizon Review (Beyond Saga #2)

Beyond the Horizon ReviewEnsign Maya Davis has had her sights set on the captaincy of a starship since she launched her first toy rocket into Earth orbit at age four. But not long after she departs the solar system aboard humankind’s first interstellar vessel, New Horizons, sabotage cripples the ship, killing a third of the crew and stranding the expedition light years from home under the siege of hostile forces. Without knowing who she can trust, Maya must risk her life to get the crew home and prevent the genocide of the very exospecies Horizons set out to contact. – Goodreads Synopsis


Beyond the Horizon Review


I reviewed Beyond Cloud Nine, the first book in the Beyond Saga, a couple of weeks ago, and had high praise for it. (You can see that review here.) I’m happy to say that Greg Spry replicates,  in Beyond the Horizon, what made the first book so successful without making it basically a clone of the second book. Even though the action focuses a lot on Maya Davis, Brooke still plays a large  – pivotal, even – role in the story. Again, actions have consequences, politics are rife with intrigue, and the even though this book advances the story about 20 years, Spry’s world is still well planned out enough that there is no problem accepting the advances in technology or current social situations. This is a worthwhile sequel to Beyond Cloud Nine, and easily earns its high rating. 4 Star Rated Review


Brooke is a character I can’t say enough about. She’s stubborn, intelligent, moral to the point of her own detriment, and a complete grouch. I connect with her on a very deep level. She did an exceptional job raising a strong-willed, intelligent female in Maya, even though her nature doesn’t particularly make her suited to parenting. Her relationships continue to be rocky, even though she has the best of intentions, and she gets in over her head more than once during this book. It’s another thing I love about Greg Spry’s writing. That in his world, even if a character did wrong for the best of reasons, that wrong will have to be righted – even if it’s through jail-time or other penalties. In other words, his world is exceptionally believable.

Again the action is almost non-stop, and the layers upon layers of the Vrill infestation, for lack of a better world, continue to get peeled back. There’s a new species introduced that quickly win over the reader’s hearts, and a certain annoying android makes it’s re-appearance. However, Bob’s not done with yet, so it’s worth the trade-off. I love Bob.

Overall, a great second book from a talent author, and I’m almost positive the third book in this series will be just as great to read as the first two were. Get Beyond the Horizon (and Beyond Cloud Nine) now on Amazon. You won’t regret it.

Title: Beyond the Horizon | Series: Beyond Saga #2 | Author: Greg Spry (site) | Publisher: Self-Published | Pub. Date: 2016-5-1 | Pages: 365 | Genre: Science Fiction | ISBN13: 9780990822431 | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Date Read: 2016-6-1 | Source: Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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