Best Kids Books I’ve Read in 2017 So Far

Adult books got their chance to shine on our Top Ten Tuesday list this week. However, I wanted a chance to show off some of my favorite kids books too! So I decided to do this list for today.

It’s no secret that I’m a bit easier when it comes to rating kids books than I am for adults. I don’t give everything an easy pass, but my expectations are considerably lower. Still, without being said, there are only a handful of kids books that have really stood out in my mind this year. (Keep in mind, it’s read this year, not necessarily published this year. )

Best Kids Books I’ve Read in 2017 So Far

  1. The Nest by Kenneth Oppel – This book was just downright disturbing. No question about it. It would be easy to argue that it doesn’t even belong in the kids book genre. However, the main character is a kid, and the horror is handled on a somewhat kid appropriate level. There’s no graphic violence or anything like that. It’s definitely a book you should read before you let your kid read it, because if they’re sensitive it could be an issue. However, it’s definitely one to check out! | Purchase on AmazonBook cover for The Nest
  2. Shadow Weaver by MarcyKate Connolly – I haven’t posted my review on this one yet because it’s still a ways out from publication date, but wow! Though it doesn’t have quite the tense atmosphere that The Nest does, Shadow Weaver is a twisted tale with a main character you feel so sorry for. I spent most of my time reading this wanting to reach into the pages and mother the main character. She’s a brave, strong little girl but easily influenced, as all little kids are. It was a lovely, immersive read. | Pre-order on AmazonBook cover for Shadow Weaver
  3. Emily and the Spellstone by Michael Rubens – Unlike the other two, which are serious and thought-provoking, Emily and the Spellstone is just fun. I giggle my way through this pun-laden adventure. The little girl is a ‘heroine’ who has no desire to be one. She doesn’t like adventures. She’d rather stay home with a good book. (I feel her!) Friendships that aren’t formed instantly.  Annoying baby brothers. And so much more. It’s such a great read. | Purchase on AmazonBook cover for Emily and the Spellstone
  4. Alabaster Shadows by Matt Gardner – The only graphic novel on this list. Alabaster Shadows is wonderfully drawn and beautifully illustrated. The protagonists are (non-white!) brother and sister. The author isn’t afraid to put them through their paces in terms of dealing with creepy situations. The plot is interesting and the volume keeps you engaged from beginning to end. But mostly I loved this for the illustrations, not gonna lie. | Purchase on Amazon
  5. Keep in a Cold, Dark Place by Michael F. Stewart – This felt like a blast from the past. If you were a fan of Critters or Gremlins growing up, you’ll want to pick this up. It’s creepy without being scary, feels like it belongs in any time, and is just very well-written. The main character is a little girl determined to make a better life for herself and it’s easy to root for her throughout the story. | Purchase on Amazon

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  1. A couple of these will be added to share on my Kid’s Korner feature. I see we both enjoyed Keep In A Cold Dark Place. That was a fun one and Limpy was a pleasant surprise. Strongly written character:)

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