Alien Contact for Idiots Review

Alien Contact for Idiots Cover for use in the Alien Contact for Idiots ReviewWHAT’S A WOMAN GONNA DO …

When American Indians from the future move their entire island nation to our Earth, Ell Harmon makes the first alien contact. The take-charge Seattle biologist has yearned to find intelligent aliens, and her dream comes true when she meets Prince Tro Eaglesbrood.

Ell and Tro are quarantined together, while the fearful world wonders whether the newcomers are friends or foes, neighbors or conquerors. Ell knows Tro is honorable and Kwadrans are peaceful … but how to convince the world?


They broadcast a show, which she flippantly titles Alien Contact for Idiots. Every day, Ell interviews Tro and tries to humanize Kwadrans. The show is wildly popular, and the romance developing on-screen between Ell and Tro reassures the world. If a smart woman like her can fall for a Kwadran, they must not be monsters, right?

But Tro’s duty lies with his people, and soon that duty threatens not only the show but Ell’s heart — as well as the peace and survival of our world.


Alien Contact for Idiots Review

Alien Contact for Idiots is a laughter-inducing, heart-warming, and hormone-overloading read by Edward Hoornaert. Written with a deft touch, wonderful characters, and that handling of the cheese that some authors do so well, it’s the perfect read for when you just need a bit o’ fluff, but you can’t do without your science fiction. 4 Star Rated Review

I actually read the second book in this series, Alien Contact for Kid Sisters (my review), first, and loved it because even though it had all the elements I look for in my fluff books, it also had a great story of personal growth going on. So, I was definitely happy to hop backwards and read the first book in the series for review. I’m honestly kind of torn on which book I like better. I feel like I preferred the slightly more serious tone and the emphasis on the characters’ mental states more in the second one, but this one is just so cheesy fun. Though, I will say, the author foreshadows the major issue dealt with in the second book quite well.

I read it late at night, laying in bed, and at one point cracked up laughing so hard I woke my partner up. The first time, he was fine with it. The second time, however, Mr. Hoornaert earned me some serious stink-eye. I love that the characters act believably for the most part. This is one area (among many) where the author excels. There’s definitely some serious exaggeration added in at times for comedic effect, but at the root of it – you believe in the characters. They’re intelligent (or idiots), they’re good, they’re insane, etc. They are what they are, and you buy it completely.

Alien Contact for Idiots is definitely worth buying and tucking away for when you need chocolate, quiet, and a fluff read to soothe your soul and make your heart have hope for happily ever afters again. Get it now on Amazon.

Title: Alien Contact for Idiots | Series: Alien Contact | Author: Edward Hoornaert (site) | Publisher: Self-published | Pub. Date: 2015-3-12 | ASIN: B00TRRRBY0 | Genre(s): Science Fiction & Romance | Language: English | Triggers: None | Rating: 4 out of 5 | Date Read: 2016-5-29 | Source: Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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5 Responses to Alien Contact for Idiots Review

  1. Esther says:

    Though this isn’t my type of book at all (I don’t normally like humor), this sounds funny and so different. I would have never thought of the idea 😛

  2. Wow, thanks for the thorough and sympathetic review, Lilyn!

  3. Esther, from my point of view, Alien Contact Idiots isn’t a book of humor comparable, say, to Douglas Adams. There’s a fair bit of science, and I concentrated a lot on making my characters psychologically deep. I don’t seem to be able to help humor from creeping into my writing … not that I try too hard. ;-).

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